New Poll Has Very Bad News for Biden When It Comes to Battleground States and Approval Compared to Trump

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I touched on a new Wall Street Journal poll in my story about Jill Biden snapping at a CBS reporter over how badly Biden is doing in the battleground states. 

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But the bottom line is she can’t spin or argue away the facts, even though she just spread some absolute malarkey about how Biden was “even or better” in the battleground states. Indeed as the new poll shows, former President Donald Trump is leading in six of the seven states.

Donald Trump is leading President Biden in six of the seven most competitive states in the 2024 election, propelled by broad voter dissatisfaction with the national economy and deep doubts about Biden’s capabilities and job performance, a new Wall Street Journal poll finds.

The poll of the election’s main battlegrounds shows Trump holding leads of between 2 and 8 percentage points in six states—Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina—on a test ballot that includes third-party and independent candidates. Trump holds similar leads when voters are asked to choose only between him and Biden.

The one outlier is Wisconsin, where Biden leads by 3 points on the multiple-candidate ballot, and where the two candidates are tied in a head-to-head matchup.

The numbers track with the RCP average that has Trump up in all seven, with just a little ahead in Wisconsin. Those numbers are bad enough. But perhaps the worst thing for Biden was the approval numbers.

Biden’s results were terrible — 38% job approval versus 60% disapproval. Trump’s were far better — 51% job approval versus 47% disapproval. Now remember, those are just the results from the seven swing states combined. But still, those are the states that will likely determine who wins in November, and Trump is doing much better than Biden.

The problem for Biden? Voters remember how good it was under Trump when they had more money in their pockets and they see all the chaos Biden has brought both domestically and abroad. So it’s hard for Biden to get around that. His team wants to paint Trump as a “threat” but it’s pretty clear that the American public isn’t buying what they’re trying to sell. 

Why is the Biden team flipping out? Because if this holds up this is what the electoral map may look like. 

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