With Biden on the Ropes, Kamala Harris Further Collapses, Leaving Democrats Scrambling

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Democrats are scrambling for a path forward after Joe Biden nuked his campaign at the first presidential debate, and no easy solutions are on the horizon. The primary reason for their predicament involves the heir apparent waiting in the wings. 

That would be Kamala Harris. As RedState reported, she’s done nothing to assuage the ever-growing fears that she’s not ready for primetime. On the contrary, it’s becoming obvious that she’ll never be ready. That was perfectly illustrated by a video the vice president cut for the BET awards on Sunday. 

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It’s as if she were created in a lab to be the worst politician in history, and she’s never worse than when she’s trying to “act” black. Don’t get me wrong. I know that Harris is half black and half Indian. I’m not trying to deny her racial heritage, but skin color does not dictate culture. The vice president’s biography reveals her mother was a privileged elite and her father came from a wealthy family. The reason she sounds so ridiculous when she tries to “sound black” is because she’s doing a caricature. It’s not authentic at all.

That’s the primary problem. Nothing Harris does is authentic. She’s focus-grouped to the hilt but is so stubborn and controlling that she truly believes she knows best. No matter how many of her staffers quit, the same problems remain. That’s how you get Harris using the lame and cringeworthy line “what can be, unburdened by what has been” repeatedly. It’s become a meme at this point.

She’s simply not a viable option to replace Biden, and that’s backed up by hard numbers. Despite the president’s sinking favorable, Harris consistently performs even worse

What are Democrats supposed to do with that? Some are suggesting that she be bypassed via an open convention. There are problems with that, though. Namely, the idea that the Democratic Party could cast the first black vice president aside for Gavin Newsom or Gretchen Whitmer is unthinkable. It would tear whatever remains of the coalition apart. The cries of racism would be deafening. 

Of course, no one made Joe Biden pledge to select his vice president based on identity politics. They can’t jettison her now just as her purpose for existing comes to fruition, and that means that the only other option is to prop Harris up.

On what planet has Harris “grown into her job?” And what about her public appearances should lead anyone to believe she’d “destroy” Donald Trump in a debate? Never mind that Trump would be under no obligation to debate Harris just because the Democratic Party decided to have a total meltdown regarding its nominee. Heck, she’s not even good at highlighting “the choice issue” and comes across as a rabid extremist (because she is). 

So what do Democrats do? There is nothing they can do. They either keep riding with Biden or they go to Harris in a move that would spell certain defeat. That’s the corner they painted themselves into, and the repercussions are richly deserved. No one should feel sympathy for their predicament. 

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