William Shatner, 93, Shares His Secrets on Staying Youthful. Number-One: Be Captain James T. Kirk.

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On Friday, on the occasion of his 93rd, birthday, none other than William Shatner gifted us with his secrets for staying youthful. One has to imagine that being Captain James T. Freaking Kirk has to help a lot.

Shatner’s secret to remaining youthful in his 90s is: “Just staying engaged in life, to stay curious. But the luck has a lot to do with it in your health.”

“Your life’s energy, the soul energy of your body is a product of health,” he told People. “If you’re sick, you can’t be energetic. You’re dying. So my luck has been, I’ve been healthy all my life.”

The actor, who starred in the original “Star Trek” show from 1966 to 1969, prides himself on still being “energetic.”

It’s important to take a good close look at this guy’s life. Nowadays, he seems to spend a lot of time trolling the libs on X/Twitter, but this is a guy who made Captain James T. “I’m Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am” Kirk a household name.

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Oh, and when William Shatner wasn’t making everyone who ever played any other Captain of the USS Enterprise feel inadequate, including the other guy who played James T. Kirk, I seem to remember he played a cop for a while. 

This was the guy who defined, for all time, the word “Awesome.” He made Captain James Tiberius Kirk, and while anyone who can carry around a middle name like “Tiberius” is already awesome by default, William Shatner kicked it up several notches. Unlike one other certain Captain of the Enterprise:

Kirk didn’t drink Earl Grey tea. He drank Romulan ale, which is illegal in the Federation. But this is James T. Kirk we’re talking about, so screw the law.

Kirk didn’t have a years-long, mildly flirtatious relationship with a lady doctor. He was too busy seducing every green, purple, or blue space chick that crossed his path.

Kirk didn’t read Shakespeare or Melville. He read every book he could find on Klingon anatomy, the better to kick Klingon butt.

Kirk took orders as mild suggestions, and when he decided to ignore his orders, things always worked out better anyway, because he’s James Tiberius Mothering Kirk.

Shatner was the man who made Captain Kirk a household name, and while he was doing that, he managed to just have a lot of fun along the way. His only regret? Not being allowed to take the Enterprise and his crew to find God.

“I wish that I’d had the backing and the courage to do the things I felt I needed to do. My concept was, “‘Star Trek’ goes in search of God,” and management said, ‘Well, who’s God? We’ll alienate the nonbeliever, so, no, we can’t do God,’” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

“And then somebody said, ‘What about an alien who thinks they’re God?’ Then it was a series of my inabilities to deal with the management and the budget,” he said of the subsequent steps to making the film, in which he served as director. “I failed. In my mind, I failed horribly.” 

Captain James T. “There Was No Klingon Word for ‘Defeat’ Until They Met Me” Kirk kicked so much ass, that every alien race in the galaxy placed him on their “don’t mess with” list. And William Shatner was the man that brought James Tiberius Kirk to life.

Thanks for that, Mr. Shatner. And happy belated birthday.

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