Why Is Dr. Fauci Worried About What RFK Jr. Says About Him and COVID Vaccines If It's Not True?

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Former Chief Medical Advisor and White House COVID-19 response lead Dr. Anthony Fauci is back, this time criticizing Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for his comments about the COVID vaccines being “safe and effective,” as well as for the meeting he had with Kennedy during his time in the Trump administration. 

Fauci joined David Axelrod’s podcast, where they discussed several topics, one of which was RFK Jr. giving a presentation to Fauci because he wanted to become the head of a White House commission investigating vaccine safety. Fauci characterized Kennedy’s presentation like this:

The first slide I remember he showed is that “It has been shown that vaccinations are responsible for the following diseases,” and he gave every disease in the world. For the next 40 minutes or so, he showed slide after slide after slide that day that made no sense at all.

He later mentioned wanting to speak to Kennedy following the presentation:

We were walking out of the room at the [National Institutes of Health], I went over to him and I said, “Bobby, I believe you care about children, and that you don’t want to hurt them. But you got to realize that from a scientific standpoint, what you’re saying does make no sense.”

Regarding the book that Kennedy wrote about the doctor in 2021 called “The Real Anthony Fauci,” the former Chief Medical Advisor to the President said:

I don’t know what’s going on in his head, but it’s not good.

It begs the question: Why is Fauci so concerned about what Kennedy has to say about the vaccine if what he’s saying has no merit and is based on baseless claims? If someone were to make up stories about another person or vaccines, for example, those claims would likely be disproven and debunked from the get-go.

Kennedy had this to say about his meeting with Fauci:

In 2016, President Trump appointed me to run a Vaccine Safety Commission, and he ordered Fauci and Collins to meet with me with the White House Council present. And I said to Fauci at that meeting, “For 8 years, you’ve been saying I’m lying. Show me the [safety] study.”

If Kennedy is lying, prove him wrong by disproving the studies that he’s cited; it’s as simple as that. Yet, Fauci hasn’t been able to disprove those statements from Kennedy. 

Podcaster Joe Rogan had an interesting take when having a discussion about Fauci and Kennedy:

I mean, if the real Anthony Fauci, the book by Robert F Kennedy Jr is not if it’s not accurate, he would be sued. He would be sued. And just forget about what happened during COVID.

It’s one thing to claim Kennedy is dishonest and a “conspiracy theorist” and another to actually prove, with data, that he is wrong and his statements are false. So far, Fauci has not done that and likely never will because there is truth to what Kennedy says; otherwise, it would have been disproven a long time ago.

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