Which Are America's Kinkiest States? The Answer Might Surprise You.

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Friday evening seems like a good time to ponder some of life’s most interesting questions. It may even be a good time to see some answers to questions you’ve never asked.

One of those questions might be, “What are the kinkiest states in the USA?” Turns out that some folks have looked into this question, and the answer might surprise you.

Warning: contains sexual content

Sex experts have revealed the raunchiest states in the US based on the amount of search volume in each one for kinky toys – so where does yours rank? 

A new study performed by a sexual wellness guide known as Bedbible has lifted a lid on which areas across America are the most interested in X-rated content.

The company analyzed the number of Google searches for various popular sex toys and accessories – including ‘fleshlight,’ ‘anal beads,’ ‘lube,’ and ‘rose toy’ – to figure out which states are the raciest.

So who earned the top spot? Georgia came in first place with an average monthly search volume of 521 per 100,000 residents.

The top 10 states are:

  1. Georgia
  2. Nevada
  3. New York
  4. Texas
  5. North Carolina and Colorado (tied)
  6. California
  7. Washington
  8. Utah and Illinois (tied)
  9. Maryland
  10. Massachusetts.

I’m not sure what conclusions to draw from this; there is a pretty interesting mix of red and blue states here. In fact, there’s a pretty good mix of everything here.

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And what’s up with South Dakota?

According to [Bedbible] – which is described as a ‘go-to source for product reviews, insightful statistics, and educational content on sexual wellness’ – the state with the least amount of kinky Google inquiries was South Dakota.

Either the folks in South Dakota are unusually stable and staid, or something else is going on.

It’s hard to see any trends here. The states in the top 10 (I have no idea where Alaska falls in this list, and honestly that’s probably for the best) seem to have a variety of political leanings, the mean age of populations, ethnic makeup, and so on. So what’s the common thread in these top 10 states? What is it about the people in these 10 states, the culture of these 10 states, the terrain, the weather, the seasons; what is it that makes the people more inclined to be shopping online for more… uh, adult toys?

I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to explain this, perhaps because I’ve never looked for the named sex toys, most of which (rose toy?) admittedly I didn’t know existed one hour ago.

And for the answer to that last question none of us ever asked:

As for the most popular sex toys, fleshlights seem to be the favorite – as that was the top searched item in 44 out of 50 states; ‘rose toy’ was the top in six states.

As a whole, Americans search the word ‘fleshlight’ a whopping 395,791 times a month on average.

In the interest of complete reporting, I dallied with the idea of looking up just what a “fleshlight” is, but on reflection, I decided I didn’t really want to know. Just the suggestion given by the name of the thing is disturbing enough.

I need a drink.

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