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WATCH: Chicago Mayor Johnson Has an Astonishing Response When Asked About the Border

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Mayor Brandon Johnson has a lot of problems in Chicago — among them, crime and the number of shootings. Also, an incredibly ridiculous approach to how they deal with the influx of illegal aliens that is upsetting the residents of the city.

I wrote previously about how they’ve actually been housing illegal aliens in places like police stations. How are police and police employees supposed to be getting things done as they’re climbing over illegal aliens that are housed right next to them? 

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But what has Johnson been doing instead of finding a way out of this mess? 

Well, let’s take a little look into how he’s wasting his time. Watch here as he casts his vote for a completely meaningless virtue signal regarding a ceasefire in Gaza. 

You can see all the anti-Israel folks leaping up and cheering as though they’d just won the Super Bowl. Yet this does nothing; it’s a completely pointless exercise. Not to mention that it’s Hamas who doesn’t seem to want a ceasefire to begin with because they just want to keep killing Israelis. 

Maybe if Johnson were a little more concerned about Chicago and not fantastical votes, he could get something done. 

But a reporter apparently had the temerity to ask him about the border, and he just went off about it. This was some kind of a meltdown. How dare you ask him about doing his job?! He has a “black wife, raising three black kids.” 

Johnson said he had children who attend schools who have soccer practice, and they are asking him as though he’s not a parent who has a schedule. 

“Do you understand you have not had a mayor like me?” he ranted. 

No doubt. Why aren’t you doing your job? 

“I have a wife, I have children, they have schedules, and plus we still have public safety that we have to address, we still have the unhoused we have to address, I still have a budget I have to address.” 

Yes, and when are you going to address any of them? 

“I’m doing all of that with a black wife while raising three black children on the West Side of the city of Chicago,” he said.  

What does your wife and children being black have to do with any of this? Why do you seem to view that as a hardship? What a strange thing to say. We all have families that we may have to help and assist every day. He’s also the mayor of Chicago, and it’s his job to address all these issues that he doesn’t seem to be addressing. 

Mayor Johnson certainly got a ratio over this one — and it was well-deserved. 

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