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Recently the first brother, James Biden, confirmed that a $40,000 check made out to then-Vice President and now-President Joe Biden in 2017 used funds James received from a Chinese government-linked company. At the same time, Hunter Biden, the drug, sex, and alcohol-addicted first son of Joe Biden, gave extremely unconvincing testimony concerning his supposed “work” for multiple foreign entities, including Ukrainian, Russian, and Chinese persons, that resulted in million-dollar paychecks for him and his family.

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Altogether, this evidence might lead an objective observer to believe that President Joe Biden has a corruption problem.

And it also led me to remember the Presidential election of 1884. In that election, Democrat Governor Grover Cleveland of New York faced off against Republican former U.S. Secretary of State and former Speaker of the House, James G. Blaine, of Maine. Blaine had a corruption problem too – he was sometimes referred to as “The Continental Liar from the State of Maine.” But Grover Cleveland, although considered a man of unquestionable personal honesty, had his own problem. Cleveland, a bachelor, had had sexual relations with a woman and may have impregnated her, without the benefit of marriage. In the 1880’s, this was quite a scandal. But a Cleveland supporter deflected the morality attack with the following argument: 

We are told that Mr. Blaine has been delinquent in office but blameless in public life, while Mr. Cleveland has been a model of official integrity but culpable in personal relations. We should therefore elect Mr. Cleveland to the public office for which he is so well qualified to fill, and remand Mr. Blaine to the private station which he is admirably fitted to adorn.

And in 1884, because the American people didn’t need a perfect person to be President, and didn’t want a typical grifting public official, but wanted the man most appropriate for the job then at hand, Grover Cleveland won.

It seems that we are facing much the same situation in the Presidential election of 2024. Joe Biden, as I said before, is incredibly corrupt. He is also incredibly old, and senile, as his own Department of Justice just admitted. And, as polling shows, Joe Biden is not considered much of a leader on either economic or foreign policy matters. Under Biden, illegal immigrants are flooding across the Southern border, inflation is raging at the grocery store, crime is increasing in our cities, DEI is being foisted on our government and private businesses, and the world is falling into violence and chaos. And Biden’s public appearances inspire no confidence in Americans, nor fear in the world’s despots. In fact, they are now being mocked by the rest of the world. But, on a positive note, Biden is considered a nice guy.

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Meanwhile, Donald Trump is, according to the polling, believed to be a more competent leader, on the economy and on foreign policy, and most especially on the border situation. During his term in office, there was a booming economy with low inflation, the real wages of workers increased, and median household income reached the highest level in the history of our country, while poverty reached a record low. And during his time in office Russia didn’t invade Ukraine, Iran was bankrupt, and Israeli and American civilians were not being slaughtered by Hamas terrorists. But, on a negative note, a lot of voters just don’t like Trump, because they think he is “dangerous” or a mean guy.

Well, considering all of this, in 2024, the question becomes – which President do the American people believe is the most appropriate of the two men facing off in this election to serve a second term as President, considering the current situation? I think that answer is pretty obvious.

Donald Trump isn’t necessarily a nice guy, but he is definitely a better leader and President. And Joe Biden may be a nice guy, but he is also a senile, corrupt, and incompetent leader. Therefore, in 2024, Donald Trump should be elected to the Presidency, for which he is most suited, and Joe Biden should be relegated to the private sector, where he can no longer take corrupt advantage of his public office, or run this country into the ground, but where he can better be a nice guy, and make friends and influence people. 

As they (sometimes) say, nice guys finish last. This year, I think Joe Biden should.  

Adam Turner is a national security and political professional with over two decades of experience on the campaign trail and on Capitol Hill.

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