Top Dem Donor Savages Biden for 'Deceiving the American People,' Posts Video That Just Decimates Him

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Things are beginning to crumble now for Joe Biden as even Democrats are jumping ship. Some Democrats have already called for him to step aside and now about 25 of them are readying a call on him to do so. 

Democrats are now in a box of their own making because then they are either going to be stuck with another unpopular candidate who no one likes (Kamala Harris) or a wild fight for the nomination that hurts them more. 

Meanwhile, Biden is once again deluded, lying his head off to donors, saying he “almost fell asleep” on the debate stage because he was tired from international travel when he hadn’t had an international trip in 12 days and, in fact, had just been prepping for the debate for more than a week at Camp David. 

Grab the popcorn because the Democrats deserve to get slaughtered over what they have done here. The Biden team knew the issues, and other Democrats knew some of the issues with Biden, but they kept pushing for him and covering up for him anyway, with their willing acolytes in the media helping them. 

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He’s Not Fit: Biden Just Gave an Insane Excuse to Donors for Dismal Debate Performance

At least one longtime top Democratic donor, Wall Street investor Whitney Tilson, is now going on record to rip Biden and his team apart for “deceiving” voters and demanding he quit.

“I feel like I have been deceived,” Tilson said. “Biden and the people around him have been deceiving the American people.

“The dam has broken. We all know and we can all see that we were lied to.

“I am deliberately calling it a Big Lie because this is as big a lie as Trump’s Big Lie,” he added, referring to the former president’s claims that the 2020 election was rigged.

Shortly after speaking with Post, Tilson tweeted a parody video that purports to show Adolf Hitler ranting about Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

“We are f*****d,” he is incorrectly translated as saying.

Here’s the video (Warning for language):

That’s right on point and good for him for posting it. 

Tilson suggested two possible tickets: Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) with ex-Rhode Island Governor/current Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo as a vice-presidential pick, and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Maryland Gov. Wes Moore. He also said he would support Kamala Harris if she threw her hat in for the top job and people wanted her. 

Booker? That’s bizarre. 

Maybe instead, he should have been listening to the Republicans and Trump, who are much better on every policy? 

He’s also been lied to about Trump. He thinks the Democrats are somehow saving you from former President Donald Trump when they’re just lying to him there as well. 

He needs to wake up and smell the coffee. It isn’t just Biden and his team; it’s the Democrats who helped collaborate in this cover-up, and everyone should hold them accountable as well. They tried to call out anyone calling out the truth as cheap fakes. They don’t deserve to be elected, whether it’s Biden or anyone else that they frantically reach for at this point. 

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