TOKERO: Onboarding the Next 100M Users Into Web3

Web3 technology, often described as the future of the internet, transforms how we interact with the web by bridging decentralized internet experience and blockchain. Despite its inherent benefits, only a small number of users have embraced the innovation, compared with the vast majority saturating the Web2 space.

TOKERO, a Romanian crypto exchange, introduces an easy fix for this deficiency. Bringing years of experience and expertise to the table, TOKERO aims to onboard the next 100 million users into Web3. This article discusses how the exchange will achieve this.

What is TOKERO?

TOKERO operates as a cryptocurrency exchange enabling users to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and over 110 other digital assets. It also allows easy transfer between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. According to its website, TOKERO is available to users across over 27 countries.

The Romanian exchange started as a small crypto startup in 2017 and it was launched one year later, in 2018. However, it now ranks among the leading crypto-focused companies in Eastern Europe. The exchange is currently led by its CEO Marius Morra and co-CEO Sabin Simionescu. TOKERO boasts a workforce of over 30 employees with varying expertise, with the primary goal of building the crypto platform.

In April 2024, TOKERO concluded a private token funding round that brought $1.4 million into its platform. The announcement revealed that the token sold was the exchange’s native cryptocurrency, TOKERO LevelUP Token. Each TOKERO LevelUp Token was sold for a discounted value of $0.02. The fresh cash injection was invested into the platform’s development, including the establishment of the TOKERO Academy

TOKERO Exchange has been integrated with top exchanges like Binance, Kraken,, Ascendex, KuCoin and soon Bybit, to provide the best liquidity for the listed cryptocurrencies. With its recently raised funds, the exchange has been working to integrate decentralized exchanges (DEXs) from four prominent blockchains – Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), BNB Chain (BNB), and MultiversX (MVX).

The Romanian exchange has plans to list 1,000 crypto assets in less than two years. This makes more digital assets accessible to users, especially newcomers.

Introducing the Next 100M Users to Web3

Having experienced two major crypto bear markets, TOKERO regards itself as the right candidate to educate the next 100 million users joining the Web3 ecosystem. The exchange aims to achieve this through three processes:

Financial Education

TOKERO offers a Learn2Earn system where users learn about crypto-focused topics and terms and potentially earn rewards. By covering courses in the learning modules, learners can earn up to $10 worth of TOKERO LevelUP Tokens. The European crypto exchange believes this incentive will attract more non-crypto natives into the Web3 ecosystem.

Onboarding Reward System

TOKERO revealed that it would dedicate $1 million worth of its native token to reward new users and affiliates. All new users who fully validate their account receive up to $20 USD in $TOKERO Token, while affiliates get up to $10 USD for each invitee that passes the Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Additionally, affiliates get 25% of their invitees’ trading fees for life.

Check out TOKERO and claim $20 USD in TOKERO LevelUP Tokens as a welcome bonus.

Offering an Intuitive Interface

A bottleneck for crypto newbies is understanding the complex interface featured on most crypto exchanges. TOKERO levels the ground by offering an easy-to-understand interface that helps attract more users. The exchange makes transactions more seamless through crypto spots, a plug-and-play crypto-to-cash solution and vice versa, that is easy to implement in any currency exchange shop.

Final Thoughts

TOKERO aims to  become the bridge between the next 100 million new users and the Web3 space. Given the exchange’s untainted track record of over six years and its recently acquired funding, it seems inevitable that TOKERO will achieve this goal within the next five years.

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