This Small Apartment Embraces Eclectic and Colorful Minimalism

A large velvet sofa in pink sets the tone for the multipurpose space at the heart of the apartment. Here, the owner cooks, eats, entertains, reads… “The distribution of the spaces was already given to us, so we had to work with that. Of course, we modified it a bit to adapt it to our project, but we were still limited by it,” Victoria adds. “Some materials and colors are repeated in different rooms—like green elements and marble and brass details—so there is a greater sense of the apartment being one common space,” she says.

While pink is the star of the living room, green plays that role in the kitchen (though both spaces open on to each other). “The green tone invigorates the space and gives it a feeling of freshness when eating and cooking. The bright green also gives a natural touch,” Victoria says. “Pink goes very well with green, as red is the opposite of green on the color wheel, and pink is a similar color,” she adds.

Red was added to the green and pink in the form of dining room chairs. “The color red is represented in the interior by the superbly designed Alias Spaghetti chairs. Green, red, and pink work in combination to make the common space more vibrant and cheerful,” Victoria explains.

The loft is characterized by a remarkable number of different styles, with an emphasis on clean, modernist lines. It is an abundant mix that still manages to come together as a coherent whole. “We were looking for modernist shapes, as well as vintage elements such as rattan, and also Scandinavian elements,” Victoria says. “In particular, modernist forms were very important and we took inspiration from the work of Donald Judd, an artist with a minimalist aesthetic.” This was important to the owner who “loves contemporary art: Her favorite museum is MoMA, and as a representative of the American avant-garde, we used Judd as a model,” the designer explains.

A sleek curtain adds privacy between the bedroom and ensuite bathroom.

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