This 592-Square-Foot Prefab Home in Switzerland Was Built in Just 5 Hours

The annex feels like a natural embodiment of the concerns that have been central to Anna’s career and her studio, with both focused on climate change, sustainability, reusing materials, and reducing construction waste. She is, in fact, tirelessly exploring new tools and construction methods using natural materials such as straw, hemp, lime, and rammed earth in search of solutions that are both efficient and creative.

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However, beyond her focus on construction methods, there is also another trait that defines Anna’s work: She creates or adds signature items and features that are unique to each project and which are designed to reflect the personalities of its owners. With this project, the most obvious ones are the eye and the canopy above the main door, by Zieta Studio—reminiscent of Anish Kapoor’s famous Cloud Gate. The proportions of the interior space, with an almost Japanese sense of scale, are also unique.

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The 592-square-foot annex has an abundance of storage.

Alexandre Kapellos

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