This 580-Square-Foot Stockholm Apartment Is a Lesson in Patience—and Saved Searches

While many things in Cristina’s home have come from a lot of patience and more than a few saved searches, one piece of iconic art, in particular, seemed to fall into her lap: a vintage print of Vitra’s Chair Collection posters. “That was purely an accidental find,” she shares, after spilling that she paid a handful of dollars for it after finding it rolled up and crinkled at a basement sale. “Everyone who comes to my home, especially kids, spends half an hour in front of it. I love that exposure to design, especially for people who don’t work in the design world—you can see the chair designs changing throughout the century.” This piece lives on the wall among favorites from Hem X, a branch of the company that Cristina built up with a colleague to create limited-edition art in collaboration with curators, designers, and artists. “I feel more for these art pieces because I’ve seen them come to life; it’s sentimental for me to look at them.”

The home has the intention of curation that’s always existed just so—but Cristina is the first to admit that life is long, and style has phases. “If we had met eight or nine years ago, everything would have been black, white, or grey—that was the Swedish minimalist style wave back then and I loved it,” she says. “Now, I don’t ever want to go back. It’s like looking through your parents’ photobook from the ’80s—like, ‘How could you wear that?’ ‘Well, it was the ’80s.’ I get that now that I’ve lived long enough to see myself go through certain phases. I think it’s charming.”

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The vintage IKEA bedframe is one of Cristina’s greatest finds: “The bedframe was one of those three-year-long Saved Searches.”

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