REPORT: Haitian Arrested for Raping 15-Year-Old Disabled Girl Flew to NYC Via Biden 'Humanitarian Parole'

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As embattled President Joe Biden absurdly continues to try to shift the blame for his intentionally created illegal alien invasion to former President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, horrific crimes that can be directly tied to the failed president’s open-border policy continue to stack up.

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The most infamous of these crimes to date was the brutal murder of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student at Augusta University, who was abducted and killed while jogging at the University of Georgia in Athens, allegedly by Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan illegal alien who was charged with the murder.

While not a brutal murder, the latest example of a horrific crime committed by an illegal alien who wouldn’t be in this country if not for Joe Biden comes from Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who posted on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday about the unconscionable rape of a disabled 15-year old girl in a “migrant shelter” in Massachusetts. 

Emphasis, mine:

BREAKING: Per DHS sources to me & @GriffJenkins the Haitian man arrested for raping a 15 y/o disabled girl at a migrant hotel in Massachusetts Wednesday night came to the U.S. via the Biden admin’s parole program for Haitians, which allowed him to fly into JFK airport in NYC direct from Haiti in June 2023 w/ a 2-year parole grant. We’re told that ICE has now filed a detainer on 26-year-old Cory B. Alvarez with local authorities, & that he had a sponsor listed in New Jersey as part of his parole. 

The Biden admin’s controversial CHNV parole program allows up to 30,000 Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans to fly into the U.S. after they’ve supposedly been vetted and have a sponsor in the U.S.The recipients typically receive two year “humanitarian parole” grants, which allow them to apply for work authorization and live in the U.S. According to CBP data, at least 138,000 Haitians have been brought to the U.S. since the start of the Biden admin’s program in January 2023. 

The Biden admin considers this program a “lawful pathway” and the recipients bypass the border entirely, flying over it instead. The program is an effort to cut down on high numbers of illegal crossings at the border. I reached out to CBP & DHS for comment yesterday, and have not heard back yet

Speechless? Or, just pissed off? Again.

Can someone please explain to me logically how allowing illegals to bypass the border by the Biden administration flying them directly into the country reduces the risk of really bad people entering the United States? Spoiler: NO.

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And I’m going to bet a dollar there’s no way in hell that Melugin will ever hear back from Customs and Border Protection, much less from serial-lying Alejandro Mayorkas’ Department of Homeland Security.

Even worse, as I reported on Tuesday, Biden has zero intention of taking executive action to stop the madness — which he continues to  lie about not having — absurdly telling a reporter he’s “counting on the border action happening by itself.” No, really.


Mr. President, when is a border executive action coming? An executive action on the border.


“I’m counting on the border action happening by itself — the passing it.


Yet another one of the innumerable mind-numbing reminders that this addled, serial-lying 81-year-old is the president of the United States — and running for another four years in office. 

The Bottom Line

Joe Biden waffles between pretend anthropogenic climate change and the “White Supremacist in Chief” (as Squad clown Cori Bush recently spewed), Donald Trump as the worst “existential threat to mankind.”

I don’t know about “mankind,” but if there’s a more direct threat to the security — and life as we know it — of America than Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., please clue me in.

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The 2024 presidential election will arguably be the most important of our lives. Vote accordingly.

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