Obama's Former Top Aide Drops Truth Bomb on Biden Hail Mary Interview: 'Sad,' 'Dangerously Out of Touch'

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Joe Biden appeared on ABC News Friday evening in a highly hyped interview which Team Joe hoped would salvage his dismal reelection prospects following his dumpster fire of a debate performance against Donald Trump.

Early reviews for the president were not good, and the architect of both of Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaigns who also became his top political strategist—David Axelrod—was not buying what Biden was selling.

Shortly after the interview aired, Axelrod took to social media to tell us what we all already know; namely, that the president is woefully out of touch.

“The president is rightfully proud of his record. But he is dangerously out-of-touch with the concerns people have about his capacities moving forward and his standing in this race,” Axelrod wrote in a post on the social platform X. “Years ago at this time, he was 10 points ahead of Trump. Today, he is six points behind.” 

RedState’s Bonchie opined that the interview was a total fail:

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In addition to his X post, Axelrod also appeared on CNN after the sitdown and said the interview did nothing to change the momentum of the race, which is clearly in favor of GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

His most damning comments come right at the beginning when he calls the Biden interview “sad” and posits that the sitting president cannot seem to even understand the predicament he’s in:

The question is: did he change the minds of voters who were watching that? I don’t really think so. You know, he, Jim, I think the thing and some of it I found sad, but he seems not to be able to compute the fact that people have these questions about him.

But Obama’s former right-hand man wasn’t done, not by a long shot, and he continued to pile on:

George Stephanopoulos asked him if he’d be willing to take a cognitive test. He said I take a cognitive test every day. Well, the fact is, that may be true, but 75 percent of the American people think he failed…

Axelrod thinks the First Lady and their tight circle of advisors are letting down the president and have been hiding the reality that he—and the country—are facing:

…somebody really needs to be honest with him about it. It can’t be the good Lord, but it should be the people who love and care for him and his closest advisors. His portrait of where he is in this race doesn’t comport with reality. 

It stands to reason that the former right-hand man to a two-term president isn’t tossing this all out there on his own without his former boss’ approval. One can’t help but wonder if Michelle and Barack are jumping the Biden ship—and Axelrod is simply their messenger.

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