MTTP – The Incredible Shrinking President

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It hasn’t been a great week for Joe Biden. It hasn’t been a great decade, for that matter, but this past week has been extra bad — so bad that we now have close to 90 percent of Americans agreeing the 81-year-old is too old to serve a second term. 

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It’s understandable that people feel that way. We’ve watched the man diminish — physically and mentally — before our very eyes. Politics aside, he doesn’t look good. He doesn’t sound good. And he sure as heck doesn’t seem fit to lead the country. 

Before things really went south with the Hur Report and his scarily awkward reaction to it, Biden caused a minor stir when it was announced he wouldn’t be sitting for the traditional Super Bowl interview to air during Sunday’s halftime. Even knowing those brief presidential chats are of the softball variety, Biden and his handlers opted to forgo the opportunity to speak to millions of prospective voters, indicating a transition from the basement strategy to the root cellar strategy.

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But Biden did put out a video on Sunday to let the American people know just exactly who and what is to blame for the country’s woes: Not him, mind you. No, this buck gets passed to the greedy corporations who are shrinking package sizes while prices increase. That’s right: The world’s going to hell in a handbasket, but the real enemy is shrinkflation. 

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Sorry, Joe, think that’s going to be a hard sell.  

This “Moore to the Point” commentary aired on NewsTalkSTL on Monday, February 12th. Audio included below.

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