Move To Earn, Play To Earn, Now Learn To Earn – Is 99Bitcoins The Next Big Crypto Trend?

Investors looking for the next big crypto trend are turning to a new learn-to-earn (L2E) token called 99Bitcoins Token ($99BTC). It’s the native token of the well-known 99Bitcoins platform that teaches people about Bitcoin and other cryptos.

The $99BTC presale has been a success, raising nearly $1 million in just a few weeks of launch. Early investors can buy $99BTC for just $0.00103 at press time. This price will increase in the next presale round, which starts in five days.

Why Learn-to-Earn Could Be The Next Big Crypto Trend

Learn-to-earn is a new trend that follows play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn (M2E) trends, rewarding users for learning new skills or knowledge.

L2E shows strong growth potential, especially with many established platforms opting for this model to reward users for learning.

99Bitcoins is a popular platform that has been teaching people about Bitcoin and other cryptos for over a decade. It recently launched a new L2E model for users to learn and earn on their platform. Users who engage with the platform’s educational content can earn $99BTC.

This new L2E model is explained in detail in the 99Bitcoins Token whitepaper. It focuses on active learning and earning via completing courses, taking quizzes, and participating in community activities.

99Bitcoins has a huge library of interactive courses that cover everything from the basics of crypto to more advanced topics.

They’re changing the way users interact with educational materials. It’s similar to a cashback system – users “spend” their time learning and earn $99BTC tokens in return.

These tokens can be used to get exclusive content, trading signals, access to VIP groups, and even earn staking rewards on the 99Bitcoins platform.

It offers a high staking APY of over 1,800% at press time. However, this number will fall as more tokens are staked.

Over 586 million $99BTC tokens have already been staked on the platform.

In the future, 99Bitcoins plans to move its token to the Bitcoin-based BRC-20 standard. This is an important move because there’s a growing demand for decentralized applications (dApps) built on Bitcoin, and it will make the $99BTC token more useful beyond just Ethereum-based ecosystems.

Using the BRC-20 standard can make the $99BTC token more useful and take advantage of Bitcoin’s strong security features. This could also attract new users and developers who want to build directly on the Bitcoin network.

Additionally, Bitcoin halving events usually attract new investors curious about Bitcoin and cryptos in general.

This can also increase the demand for platforms like 99Bitcoins, whose recent L2E model launched at a good time to capture the growing interest in crypto education.

Interested users can enter the 99Bitcoins Telegram channel to keep up with the latest platform updates.

Investors Can Earn Bitcoin Worth $99,999

Early $99BTC presale buyers can earn Bitcoin worth $99,999 via the platform’s BTC airdrop.

The platform will select 99 lucky winners who join and support 99Bitcoins’ L2E revolution. Participating in the airdrop is simple; you just need to:

  • Register on the presale website.
  • Follow 99Bitcoins’ social media channels.
  • Give your Bitcoin wallet address.
  • Enter the wallet address used in the presale.

It is also worth noting that 17% of the total supply of 99 billion tokens has been set aside for community rewards, including the BTC airdrop.

Popular Analysts Forecast Gains For $99BTC

Jacob Bury and Michael Wrubel, two popular crypto analysts, are quite optimistic about the token’s potential.

This optimism is seen in the platform’s presale performance as well. They’ve already raised nearly $1 million in a few weeks.

Moreover, 99Bitcoins is already well-known for its educational content and is now expanding into the token market. They have a strong social media presence, with over 700,000 YouTube subscribers and 16,000 Twitter followers.

Early buyers can benefit from the ongoing presale before the price goes up in later rounds. You can also follow 99Bitcoins on X (Twitter) for the latest updates and news.

Visit 99Bitcoins Token Presale

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