Motability Operations moves to SharePoint intranet

Motability Operations has rolled-out a Microsoft SharePoint intranet in partnership with Sorce to enhance employee communications.

The company behind the Motability car, powered wheelchair and scooter scheme – that helps over 700,000 people with disabilities and their families get on the road – said it was keen to move away from an email-heavy culture and provide a central user-friendly platform for storing documents; sharing news and business updates; collaboration and employee support.

All Motability Operations employees can now use the ‘MOConnect’ intranet – which went live in April 2023 – for accessing company-wide news and information, learning about events and courses, and seeking help and support. Since going live with its SharePoint intranet, Motability Operations has significantly reduced its email traffic.

“We needed a new modern platform to replace our old intranet that was no longer fit for purpose,” said Julia Dixon, at Motability Operations. “As our old intranet was barely used, employee communications relied heavily on email and Microsoft Teams and this needed to change.”

To streamline communications and provide a central repository for all documents and information, the company decided to move to a SharePoint intranet and approached a number of SharePoint specialists. Sorce was selected as Motability Operations’ partner of choice after the company impressed with its straightforward and personable approach.

 MOConnect went live to all employees following an implementation process lasting just six months. Dixon said: “We wanted to roll-out the new intranet quickly and our 15-person project management team, together with the expertise of Sorce, managed to turn things around and deliver the project on time.” 

The intranet is already enhancing communications across the company, while helping to streamline the employee experience as Dixon explained, “We now have a ‘one stop shop’ for all colleagues – a platform that brings everyone and everything together regardless of whether they’re working from one of our four locations or at home. We can now store files easily, access company apps and share good news stories – all from MOConnect. It’s reducing our reliance on email and further strengthening our workplace community.”

Motability Operations will also be encouraging the use of MOConnect on mobile devices, allowing employees to access what they need, learn news and give feedback while on the move. This is part of the company’s move towards a more ‘digital first’ approach that helps create first-rate experiences for both customers and employees.

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