Luxury models lead mid-year uplift in profits and speed-to-sale

Luxury derivatives dominated the top 10 list for highest retail margins on Dealer Auction’s  wholesale platform so far this year, with Land Rover vehicles continuing to lead.

In its mid-year Retail Margin Monitor, Dealer Auction noted that while familiar trends from monthly updates persist, there’s noticeable progress with such models generating higher profits and selling faster.

The Discovery Sport topped the chart with an average retail margin of £3,925, followed by the Range Rover Evoque at £3,500. For comparison, the top model average margin for all of 2023 was £3,325.

The Discovery Sport not only secured the highest average profit but was also the second-fastest seller and achieved an Average Auto Trader Retail Rating of 81, surpassing the highest rating of 74 in the 2023 top 10.

The fastest-selling vehicle so far in 2024 is the Mazda CX5, selling in an average of 32 days, four days faster than 2023’s quickest seller.

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