Lara Trump Talks Family, Service, and Trump: 'He's Authentic to the Core, and Sometimes to a Fault'

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The Republican National Convention (RNC) starts next week, July 15-18, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Despite what craziness is probably occurring behind the scenes, it pales in comparison to the craziness happening within the Democrat Party. This is probably why RNC co-chair Lara Lea Trump was able to take the time to speak with sports journalist and podcaster Sage Steele. 

Steele routinely interviews politicians, but not for politics‘ sake; she seems to want to take the time to do a deeper dive into viewing her subjects from a holistic lens rather than from the lens of their partisan leanings, or their specific role or duty. While many media types do this for Democrats and leftists, very few will do it for conservatives, so Steele’s podcast is refreshing in that regard.

It’s one thing to hear great things about someone before you meet them. It’s another to actually meet them, spend time with them, and realize that all the good things you heard….are massive understatements!  

I found I had so much in common with @LaraLeaTrump — a daughter who has an incredible bond with her parents, a mom who always tries to prioritize her kiddos, and a career woman who is committed to making a difference in this world for her kids, and this country!! 

Sooo grateful that Lara — the co-chair of the RNC — took time out of her crazy schedule to go deep on so much:  her love & concern for her kids’ grandfather @realDonaldTrump, how she handles personal attacks on her family, why she will never forget her humble North Carolina roots & so much more.  

New episode out NOW on YouTube & everywhere you stream your podcasts. 

In light of Biden’s cognitive and other pronounced issues, Steele asked Lea Trump about the former President and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s stamina. Lea Trump said that she has known him for 16 years and he’s at the best she’s ever seen him.

He’s amazing, though. I honestly, I have no explanation for it other than he was built for this. He was made for this. I always say he was made for such a time as this. And you can take that in a lot of different ways. But I really believe it. I truly do. I don’t know how to explain him.

As Lea Trump spoke about her father-in-law, the love, respect, and affection for him was evident in her voice. Lea Trump talked about her calling to motherhood and family, as well as her commitment to the mission of getting Trump back into the White House; not just for the sake of winning, but for the sake of America.

You know, he said himself, this is bigger than me. This is about the future of America. And believe me, if this was a man who wanted the easy path, he never would have come down that escalator in 2015. He certainly would not have decided to run again for 2024, because he knew, I think he knew even in 2015, how they would come after him, because he said to us, listen, if I do what I need to do, if we do this the right way, we’re going to find out who our real friends are.

For good and ill, they have found this out, right up to the lawfare that has been waged against Donald Trump these last two years, after he announced that he would run again for the presidency. Steele asked Lea Trump if she feared that her father-in-law would end up in prison.

I fear what extreme lengths could be gotten to, because I think the idea that we have found ourselves where we are right now is shocking and I don’t think I honestly ever expected to see it. And so, sure, I fear that that could happen to him. I know that whatever he has thrown his way, he’ll figure out a way to make the best of it.

Steele also asked whether the family feared for Trump’s safety and were concerned about his penchant for being among groups of people, especially when outside of the normal avenues of rallies and political speeches. Lea Trump said that’s just who Trump is, and they can’t allow themselves to go into a place of fear — they have to let Trump be Trump. 

Yeah, but, you know, it’s, that’s why he’s doing it. He wants to connect with people and that’s where he shines. And you really see the true nature of this man. You can put him in any crowd, you can put him with a group of billionaires and he’ll do great. You can put him out of Bodega in Harlem, and he’ll do great.

We can put him in the Bronx and he’ll be great. It doesn’t matter where you send Donald Trump: he’s authentic to the core and sometimes to a fault. I think for some people, and he wants to be out there among people, and he wants to interact with them.

Some of that authenticity, love of people, and love of his family is reflected in Lea Trump’s Instagram page, where she posts regularly about the campaign trail, her children, and their adoration for their grandpa. One Instagram post of Trump attending his granddaughter’s Grandest Friend’s Day went viral.

Steele posed this one last question to Lea Trump: “What’s the one thing that you want voters, everybody in America, to know about Donald Trump, the man, the father-in-law, the grandpa?” Lea Trump responded,

I just wish people could for a second close their eyes, take the name Donald Trump off of everything and just listen to the man and his real message. And it’s a very positive message for the country. I can tell you that I had no business becoming a Trump. I came from a very different background than anybody who ever probably associated previously with this family and I was welcomed with such open arms and I was made very comfortable very quickly by my father-in-law, and truly by the whole family. And it’s one of the reasons, honestly, I wanted to go out and campaign for him in 2016, because I said, well, I don’t know a lot about politics then… God, God, have I gotten my lesson now? But I know the man and I know that the things that I’m hearing about him out there are not true. 


Yeah, but  honestly, I wish people could take the layer of negativity that has been thrust upon us and really forced upon us when it comes to Donald Trump and the way he’s represented by the media, and just give him a shot. Listen to what he wants to do for the country. Believe me, he’s not doing this for himself.

Part of the focus at the RNC next week will be on what America looked like under a Donald Trump presidency, and what it looks like now, under Joe Biden. The daily themes and speakers will center around the topics of how to Make America Wealthy Once Again, how to Make America Safe Once Again, how to Make America Strong Once Again, and how to Make America Great Once Again. 

The week will embody Trump’s plans to right the ship and return America to a solid footing. Lea Trump hopes that people will push past their biases, misgivings, and prejudices to hear Trump outline that vision. 

I just wish people could for a second take their bias out of the things that he says and he wants to do for America and reflect back on how was their life when Donald Trump was president. [N]o one can argue that life was better for this country, better around the world, and I think that, you know, it’s all he wants to do. He wants to make it a better place.

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