Keith Olbermann's Despicable Remarks That Many Believe Suggested 'Hope' for Trump's Assassination

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We saw the Democrats, the Biden campaign, and the liberal media all losing their minds over the past couple of days about former President Donald Trump using the word “bloodbath” during an Ohio campaign event to describe what would happen to the auto industry if Joe Biden was elected. 

The leftist coalition tried to argue that even if he was talking about the auto industry, it was somehow violent, or he was sending “messaging” to his supporters to incite violence. It was a truly insane take. 

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One of the people pushing this insanity was the execrable Keith Olbermann, who has been booted from multiple jobs. He attacked Trump over the bloodbath remark, saying he “doesn’t value human life.” 

He even demanded that the FBI arrest Trump for daring to say Biden’s policies would cause an economic backlash. How Stalinesque is this? 

What was funny was, of course, Olbermann himself had used the “violent” bloodbath term before. 

So, I guess that means he’s inciting violence by his own rules. 

But Olbermann went beyond that, even before the bloodbath comment. 

Olbermann was responding to a post by the Biden-Harris HQs account on X. The Biden account was talking about Trump’s comments about the persecution of presidents — that he had been persecuted the most. They were disputing that, saying Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated. 

Olbermann responded, “There’s always hope,” which many took to mean he was hoping for Trump’s assassination. 

Yet he sees no issue with his own comment, which is a far more problematic comment than Trump’s. 

Olbermann has made questionable comments in the past, including calling for the dissolution of the Supreme Court after he didn’t like their decision in the Trump Colorado ballot case. So much for protecting “democracy” and the rule of law underpinning our constitutional republic. 

Many called out Olbermann’s post about Trump. Then, after getting a lot of backlash and Fox writing up what he said, Olbermann tried to claim he wasn’t hoping for Trump to be assassinated. 

Funny how he doesn’t care about context when it comes to Trump, but he wants to offer context in his own defense now. 

But people aren’t buying it. 

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