'Jokes Write Themselves': SFPD the Recipients of Ultimate Insult Amid Crime Woes Still Plaguing City

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San Francisco is one of several Democrat-run cities in America that have been plagued with rising crime problems in recent years, with the issues only getting worse in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests/riots in 2020 where a number of woke mayors including London Breed (virtue) signaled their support for defunding the police.

It wasn’t long after, though, in the midst of the wave of smash and grabs that consumed SF and caused businesses to flee, that Breed seemed to reverse course, making a remarkable concession about what the city needed to do to combat lawlessness. 

This was reflected in the 2023-2024 budget, which included enough for the police department to hire an additional 220 policemen in the coming years to reverse their well-documented officer shortages.

“Public pressure to address a feared rise in crime prompted most lawmakers to back the mayor’s plan to increase the police department, one of the largest expansions in San Francisco’s spending plan, even as other departments were asked to take a cut,” KQED reported at the time.

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But even with the additional funding, years of the PD being demoralized by woke officials and criminal justice reform advocates got baked into the minds of some of its residents, and, like the crime rate, the lack of respect for law and order types only grew.

There is perhaps no greater example of this playing out in the City by the Bay than what happened at the SFPD’s Fillmore district location, which was burglarized last Thursday in the wee hours of the morning:

The burglary happened Thursday morning at the San Francisco Police Department’s Northern Station, located in the city’s Fillmore district, Robert Rueca, a spokesperson for the department, told SFGATE. 

Rueca said police saw a man in a “secure area” of the building, located on the 1100 block of Fillmore Street, around 3:20 a.m. After a “brief struggle” when police attempted to detain him, the suspect, a 35-year-old San Francisco man, was arrested on suspicion of burglary and resisting arrest, according to Rueca. 

It’s a true “you can’t make this up” moment if there ever was one, as noted by SFers on the Twitter machine:

This is what happens when people have no respect for the law, no self-respect, and no fears about the consequences of their actions – because in cities like SF, there are none for what are considered low-level offenses, despite what California Gov. Gavin Newsom claims otherwise:

One also has to wonder if the perp in this particular case will also be let off the hook.

In March, voters will consider a “controversial” Breed-backed ballot measure that will give law enforcement more power to fight crime, but even if SF residents signal approval for it, the damage has already been done and it will take far more than government legislation, referendums, and political posturing to restore San Francisco’s greatness and glory to what they once were.

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