Joe Biden Rages Against Israel, Throws Ally Under the Bus After Aid Workers Are Killed

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As RedState reported, Israeli forces mistakenly hit vehicles carrying aid workers on Monday as they traveled through an active war zone. The World Central Kitchen convoy included citizens of Australia, Britain, and Poland. One American perished as well.

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Israel immediately admitted to the mistake and started an investigation into how it occurred. That didn’t stop Joe Biden from climbing upon his high horse and raging against the long-time American ally. In a statement brimming with condescension and faux righteousness, the president claimed he was “outraged” at the event, asserting that Israel “has not done enough” to protect aid workers in the area. 

Biden demanded “accountability” and further proclaimed that “incidents like yesterday’s simply should not happen.” Of course, when a nation is fighting a hot war, incidents like the one that occurred will happen. They are unavoidable. Do you know who should know that better than anyone? That would be one Joseph R. Biden, who droned seven children during his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

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At no point following that tragic incident did Biden express even a tenth of the anger he is showing towards Israel in this situation. As for accountability for that strike and the broader deaths that occurred during the evacuation, none was ever delivered. Not a single Biden official lost their job or was disciplined for what turned out to be one of the most botched military operations in modern history. Worse, Biden reportedly remained “defiant” in the aftermath, refusing to take responsibility for his actions.

Yet, the president wants to rage against Israel, as if they have the ability to prevent all civilian deaths on a saturated urban battlefield. War is messy and imperfect. Unfortunately, it can’t be anything other than that given the realities on the ground. For Biden to trash an ally over an accident that mirrors hundreds of accidents committed by the United States throughout its war on terror is disingenuous. 

All of this ends tomorrow if Hamas stops hiding among civilians, surrenders, and releases the hostages. That doesn’t mean Israel shouldn’t investigate and correct what happened within its command and control structure, but as long as Hamas remains a fighting force, the conflict will continue. Biden would do better to stop hypocritically railing against Israel and instead push for a realistic conclusion to the fighting.  

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