Jamaal Bowman Debases Himself With Response to Hostage Rescue Action and the Internet Lets Him Have It

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I reported earlier about the great news of the rescue of the two Israeli-Argentian hostages, Fernando Marman and Luis Har, from the clutches of Hamas. The Israeli military and the Shin Bet security service conducted an operation in Rafah, where they were being held in a residential building, that took out the terrorists they were being held by as well. 

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Israeli Military Rescues Two Hostages From Hamas, Watch Great Joy of Families Welcoming Them Home

This was the joyful result: 

Now, you would think most Americans would welcome that news. 

But there appears to have been a talking point that went out among the left last night to attack Israel over the strikes in Rafah to free the hostages, digging at Americans by saying, “While we watched the Super Bowl,” Israel was being evil. Among the people who sounded off and embarrassed themselves was Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), a member of the far left “Squad.” 

While we watched the Super Bowl, Netanyahu launched a wave of attacks and killed innocent civilians in Rafah – a place where many refugees fled for relative safety – despite warnings from Biden. Netanyahu’s government is unfit to lead anything and cannot receive support.

Bowman either didn’t read the Reuters article he linked. Or he didn’t care and didn’t mention that two hostages were rescued and terrorists were killed. What a despicable response. He also doesn’t mention the Americans who were killed by Hamas on Oct. 7 or the American hostages still being held in his post, despite being a member of Congress. So much for those hostages. Bowman seems more concerned about an attack on terrorists. 

The Reuters article said that “according to the Gaza health ministry,” 67 were killed. But that’s not worth much as a source since it’s controlled by Hamas. 

Bowman also attacks Netanyahu because he’s on the right, so Bowman is trying to play politics, which is also gross under the circumstances. But it was a success to get the hostages out, so trying to argue Netanyahu is unfit isn’t going to go over well. 

People just lit Bowman up on X for his horrific take on what happened. 


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