In Love Letter to Biden, the Washington Post Gives Away Democrat Secrets

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When Joe Biden was elected President, he assured the nation that he would be a “uniter” and that he would “bring the country together.” He told us that, yes, in the post-Trump era, the grown-ups were back in town. In a recent Washington Post opinion column, Joe Biden is touted as just that. He was the one who would calm down a nation reeling from the mean tweeting, insurrection inciting Donald Trump. But now, it seems the Washington Post is having second thoughts about whether Joe Biden should run for reelection. But of course, not for all the same reasons the rest of the nation is. Note to the Washington Post: Welcome to the club.  

But in the process of extolling the virtues of Joe Biden, Washington Post columnist David Ignatius may have given away a few Democrat secrets. As with most affectionate tomes, all of Joe Biden’s “accomplishments” are listed. Biden is credited with fending off a “red wave” in the 2022 midterms. The red wave was fended off, but Joe Biden did not have that much to do with it. In the Monday morning quarterbacking after the election, much of the Republican troubles could be chalked up to a few less-than-desirable candidates and GOP leadership that picked the winners and losers for the voters with campaign fund distribution. Biden’s handling of the Russia-Ukraine war is also counted as an accomplishment. But that is not what a vast majority of the American people think. Amidst the “as long as it takes” battle cry from the Biden administration, a CNN poll from the beginning of August shows that 55 percent of the 1,279 respondents said they believe that the United States should not keep funding the war in Ukraine. Of those polled, only 45 percent approve of his handling of the Ukraine situation. In the world of Democrats, 45 percent is an accomplishment.  

But sometimes, even the love-lorn have doubts and fears, and that’s when they give away what is going on behind the scenes. In speaking about the Biden-Harris administration and all of its greatness, the true nature of what Joe Biden’s job was in 2020 is right there in black and white. Ignatius writes, “But if he and Harris campaign together in 2024, I think Biden risks undoing his greatest achievement — which was stopping Trump.” Wait a minute, I thought Joe Biden’s main task was to be a uniter and bring the country together. Do you mean all he was supposed to do was stop Trump? Many may have suspected as much, but there it is. So, Joe has done what he was sent in there to do; now what? Well, as is often the case with Democrats, they either cannot or will not look much beyond next week. Joe Biden’s real accomplishments have gone something like this: 40-year high inflation, substantial increases in prices at the grocery store and the gas pump, two-thirds of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck, rampant increases in crime, and America appearing weak abroad. 

Other secrets are revealed as well. Even Democrats can no longer ignore the fact that Joe Biden is old. If he is reelected, he will be 86 years old at the end of his second term. That makes a whole lot of Americans uncomfortable. A recent Associated Press-NORC poll showed that 77 percent of Americans think Joe Biden is too old for the job, including 69 percent of Democrats. Combine that with his wandering off stages, rambling incoherent sentences, and telling the same untrue stories over and over. While they might not say it out loud, Democrats know this is a real problem.

Then there is the problem of Vice President Kamala Harris. Her poll numbers are worse than Joe Biden’s. The FiveThirtyEight poll has her at just a 39.5 percent approval rating. But the same reasons she was chosen to be Biden’s running mate are the same reasons Democrats don’t dare remove her from the ticket. Unless another black woman was chosen to be the Vice Presidential nominee, Democrats run a huge risk of angering black women, a vital Democrat voting bloc. 

Last but certainly not least, Ignatius writes this about Hunter’s — quite possibly Joe’s — impending legal issues, saying:

He should have stopped his son Hunter from joining the board of a Ukrainian gas company and representing companies in China — and he certainly should have resisted Hunter’s attempts to impress clients by getting Dad on the phone.

It is a bit more involved than that. But it does telegraph that no matter how much Democrats crow about there being no evidence and it being just political revenge — a big nothingburger — make no mistake, they know, now that House Republicans have officially opened an impeachment inquiry, it’s going to get a lot worse. Ignatius also writes, “Right now, there’s no clear alternative to Biden — no screamingly obvious replacement waiting in the wings.” Sometimes, it is not what you say but what you don’t say. According to Real Clear Politics, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is polling around 12 percent. Kennedy has claimed that he is being censored by social media. He has also accused the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of attempting to take his name off ballots if he campaigns in certain states and even making him pay for the cost of primaries. The DNC has denied all of the allegations. But any of those activities could guarantee “no clear alternative.”  

The Washington Post, in what they surely view as an act of love, thinks Joe Biden should have a come-to-Jesus moment with himself about running for reelection. But when you are the guy who saved the world from Donald Trump, you just know there is a lot more saving to do.

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