Illegal Alien Repeat Offender Accused of Attacking Multiple Women Is Back on Streets of Dysfunctional NYC

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I won’t go into the “doing the same thing and expecting different results” thing, but I will report that an illegal alien repeat offender is back on New York City streets after spending less than a year in jail for the latest in a series of arrests where he was accused of attacking female hospital workers dating back to 2019.

Simple solution: The guy should not only have been deported after he committed his first crime, but he also shouldn’t have been allowed into the country in the first place. Neither one of those preemptive actions occurred, so let’s continue.

On a recent episode of Fox & Friends First, co-host Todd Piro highlighted an example of how far NYC has fallen in taking violent crime seriously. Piro recalled the case of Edward Johnson, who has a history of assaulting women who work in hospitals: 

An illegal immigrant back on the streets of New York City after spending less than a year in jail for the latest of a series of arrests where he’s accused of attacking female hospital workers dating all the way back to 2019. And victims are speaking out about the dangers they face every day working in the ER and having to treat people that are violent repeat offenders.

In today’s desensitized America, it’s tragic that too many Americans either read or skip over stories like this one while thinking “business as usual” or similar thoughts. 

Piro showed viewers a picture of Chelsea Mora, a nurse who was “allegedly” attacked by Johnson in a Bronx hospital in January, before bringing her on the show to recount her experience. Mora told Piro she was examining Johnson when “he struck my face with his fists, leaving me with a corneal hematoma and PTSD after the incident.”

Mora said it’s a severe problem in the city.

It seems to be a severe problem in New York City now. I think these soft-on-crime laws that are being implemented aren’t helping us — like citizens of New York — aren’t helping healthcare staff in dealing with these types of criminals. This one particular gentleman has over 20 open cases, and he’s out on the streets abusing and assaulting people. 

It gets worse, as Mora explained (emphasis, mine).

I think there’s an internal push. I’m not sure what the agenda is but usually when one of us does get assaulted — whether it’s a doctor or nurse — we’re kind of discouraged to not press charges. When we actually do press charges and things go up to the court level, things are just dropped — charges are dropped, and these criminals are back on the street. They maybe serve one or two months in jail, and then they’re back out doing the same thing. So it seems to be a recurring theme.

Think that through for a minute. 

The Bottom Line

This scumbag, who has more than 20 open criminal cases, is back on the streets — and still hasn’t been deported. (Joe Biden and the Democrat Party were unavailable for comment.) 

And of course, it’s a recurring theme, intentionally so — led by the very hypocrites who lose their minds about the surge of illegal aliens in their Democrat-run “sanctuary cities.” Go figure.


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