Hypocrisy, Much? 'Sanctuary City' Chicago Begins to Evict Illegal Aliens From City, State Shelters

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The Democrat Party has for decades been far more about symbolism and far less about substance. Lyndon Johnson’s equally disastrous 1965 War and Poverty and Great Society ushered in Democrat symbolism over substance, big time, and the party has put the pedal to the metal ever since. 

This brings us to the “sanctionary city” status in Democrat-run cities across America.

Before Joe Biden intentionally threw open the southwest border to virtually all illegal aliens who could find their way across the Rio Grande, sanctuary-city status was perhaps the proudest self-awarded medal Democrat city officials displayed on their puffed-up chests. 

But now that Biden’s border crisis has become a virtual invasion that continues to spread across the country, along with illegal alien crime, Democrats are backtracking on the status faster than Joe Biden can trip and fall — not unlike how they nixed their post-George Floyd idiotic “Defund the Police” programs once crime began to skyrocket.

This brings us to Chicago and its disastrous mayor, Brandon Johnson.

Incidentally, who’d a thunk that Chicago voters, after justly kicking former Mayor Lori Lightfoot to the curb, would turn right around and elect a new mayor who’d proceed to make even Lightfoot look competent?

So let’s get back to the sanctuary city thing.

According to a Friday news release from the Office of the Mayor, Chicago officials planned to begin evicting thousands of illegals from city and state shelters on Sunday (today, as I write).

“Our city is committed to compassion,” said Johnson, adding: 

By encouraging resettlement while also providing case-specific extensions with a focus on health and safety, we are advancing a pathway to stability and self-sufficiency. 

While we know Chicago’s limited resources cannot meet the full scale of need across the New Arrivals Mission. We are constantly evaluating options that will lead to better care for all Chicagoans.


Call illegals “new arrivals, “newcomers,” “guests,” or whatever other lipstick you want to slap on the surge of illegal aliens, but Democrats were all in on the virtue-signaling idea of sanctuary-city status, but as it turns out, not so much on the reality of thousands of illegal aliens continuing to show up in their cities.

According to the release from Johnson’s office (emphasis, mine):

To date, 14,700 people have exited shelter due to resettlement across the Chicago area and 5,200 people have reunited with family and friends through out-migration for a total of 19,900 people supported. Currently, 4,155 of 11,210 shelter residents are being provided support in resettlement efforts and are making progress towards securing housing. No shelter residents are expected to exit shelters on Saturday. 


[P]recautions were added to address the emerging measles cases. The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) confirmed 12 measles cases (2 community cases and 10 in shelters) and continues to coordinate a comprehensive, city-wide response to the first measles cases in Chicago in five years during a period when the United States is experiencing a resurgence of measles with 17 states reporting confirmed cases. 

A team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) arrived in Chicago Tuesday to support the efforts to mitigate transmission of the highly infectious virus. To ensure the safety of shelter residents and all Chicagoans, two additional policies were added, and one existing policy was clarified in the existing Limited Stay Extension Policy. 

Chicago authorities announced plans to relocate 2,026 individuals from temporary shelters by the end of April, according to NBC News. By the end of March, 244 migrants will have been moved, while the remaining 1,782 are set to depart throughout April, according to the outlet.

With Due Credit to Texas Governor Greg Abbott…

Since 2022, more than 37,100 illegals have arrived in Chicago, many or most due to Abbott’s busing program in conjunction with his efforts to tighten its border controls. Conveniently, Johnson has predictably blamed the governor for Chicago’s relative mini-crisis —rather than Joe Biden — as Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico border towns have long been overrun. 

The Bottom Line

The inundation of illegals has increased the need for temporary housing facilities and stretched social services in the already out-of-control Windy City, proving yet again to Democrats that there’s a stark difference between virtue signaling and reality. 

So when will Democrat-controlled city governments learn? Hard to say, maybe never. But in the meantime, they’ll continue to blame Republicans for all that ails their unmanageable cities.

By the way, New York City Mayor Eric Adams was unavailable for comment.


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