How the Democrats Force Us to Divide So They Can Conquer

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If you take a step back and look at society like an alien in space watching humanity interact with itself, you would realize that there are quite a few things that we fight over that are so stupid that it’s amazing we managed to find the time to invent the pully system. A charming part of the human race is that we invent great works and advancements as we destroy each other, but I digress. 

Some of the stupid things we fight over aren’t an accident and didn’t arrive organically. For instance, we didn’t arrive at the fight of “what is a woman?” because humanity stumbled upon a scientific breakthrough that threw the question of sex into question. The fight about “transgenderism” arose because some politicians and the media found it a way to add a new front in the culture war against conservative “bigotry” and bring the youth into a state of action against the right. In a way, it worked, and the left has done everything to continue selling the lie to maintain their hold on this beachhead. 

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And herein we see how the left gets quite a bit of their power. 

If it wasn’t for division, the left wouldn’t really have a whole lot of solid ground to stand on. They’ve repeatedly demonstrated that they have no desire to have a strong economy. Their stances on what is and isn’t moral or good change with the political winds. Ultimately, the only thing they really care about is power and they don’t care who they have to stomp on, backstab, or sacrifice to get it. 

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But nothing awards Democrats power quite like division. 

Division creates voting blocs. All the Democrats have to do is find a way to make a cause look desperate to a group of people, make them into victims of an oppressor, and before you know it they have a movement that sucks in voters like a whirlpool. 

Let’s take, for instance, what’s being called the “Black National Anthem.” 

The creation of the modern concept of “social justice” was a brilliant move by the Democrats because it allowed them to make all of their causes “intersectional,” and gave them the ability to make themselves seem like the party that truly cares for all oppressed and underprivileged people. They’ve capitalized on this in various ways including massive (destructive) movements and the forced infiltration of politics into every aspect of our culture. This includes Hollywood and…sports.

Enter “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” a song that is and isn’t the “Black National Anthem,” depending on who you’re talking to and whether it’s politically convenient to paint it as such. The song was sung before the Super Bowl last Sunday and, as intended, it caused a firestorm of controversy. As RedState’s Matt Funicello discussed, conservatives rose up and denounced the song for being what it is, a lame attempt to appeal to the black community and a further shot at segregating the black population from everyone else despite its title and subject matter. 

Funicello suggests that Conservatives are wasting time complaining about it and I’m not entirely in disagreement but I also believe that what’s being said about the song needs to be said. It needs to be highlighted for what it is. 

It is a song meant to be an anthem for the black community, not as a way to celebrate, but as a way to further divide. For instance, Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee actively tried to stir the pot with his observation of the crowd’s reaction at the Super Bowl while it was being sung. 

I’m going to assume he wrote it while he was drunk judging by the weird spacing, punctuation, and the word “negro,” but I digress. The point here is that you can see what he’s doing pretty clearly. 

He wants people to become angry and respond while also sending the signal that America has little to no respect for the black community. He can then use the conservative response to further pad his likeability with the left while generating that sweet, sweet division that causes people to get at each other’s throats and vote a certain way out of spite. It doesn’t matter if some of the people vote against him, in fact, he needs them in order to create more division. 

We go for each other’s jugular, he gets another term in office, and America slides a little further down the slope of destruction. 

The sad fact is that the fighting over these things will never stop and, indeed, when these kinds of things pop up they should be fought, but how we fight them should be wise. Calling out the motivation for starting these fights is usually a really good strategy. Let people see how they’re being used by people like Cohen and the Democrats. Let them self-reflect on how they’re being dragged in by bad-faith players and let them refuse to be pawns. 

But don’t get caught up in being a pawn yourself. Fight, but always fight wisely. 

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