: Elon Musk biopic in development at A24. Director is ‘one of the best,’ Musk says.

A biopic based on the life of tech billionaire Elon Musk is in development at film studio A24, according to a new report from Variety.

The screenplay will be based partially on Walter Isaacson’s biography of Musk, which came out in September.

Isaacson has written several popular books about high-profile historical figures, including Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein. His biography of Apple
founder Steve Jobs was adapted into a 2015 film starring Michael Fassbender.

Darren Aronofsky, who has directed critically acclaimed movies including “The Whale,” “Requiem for a Dream,” “Black Swan” and “Mother!”, will reportedly direct the Musk biopic.

Among the films produced by A24 are “Moonlight,” “The Witch” and “Midsommar.”

The movie could feature some of the companies Musk has been involved with, which include Paypal
SpaceX, Neuralink, the Boring Company, X (formerly Twitter) and Tesla

Musk, 52, is the richest person in the world according to Forbes estimates, with a net worth of $226.8 billion.

The billionaire addressed the biopic on X, the social-media platform he owns, on Friday, calling Aronofsky “one of the best.”

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