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EigenLayer Token Airdrop Plan Will Allocate 15% Of Supply To Stakers

The Ethereum restaking protocol EigenLayer has published a whitepaper with new details about its soon-to-launch Eigen token, which will be airdropped to community members next month.

  • According to the Eigen Foundation’s website, season 1 of the airdrop will distribute 5% of the token supply. Eligible airdrop recipients include those who staked directly with EigenLayer, and those who staked using Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs).
  • Meanwhile, people who interacted with EigenLayer-related DeFi positions may be eligible for airdrops in season 2.
    A total of 15% of the EigenLayer token supply will go out to stakers over the long term. Another 15% will go to community initiatives and another 15% to ecosystem development.
  • That leaves 29.5% of the token supply allocated to investors, while 25.5% goes out to early contributors. Both of these parties are subject to a three-year lockup period on their tokens, including a total first-year lock, followed by a gradual unlock of 4% per month over the next two years.
  • EigenLayer lets users re-stake their Ether using LSTs in order to provide economic security for third-party layer 2 networks.

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