Duck, Duck, Goose! Three Fowl Stories for Your Sunday

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We don’t always give our feathered friends the attention they deserve.

On this fine Sunday, though, three stories came across the transom that deserve some attention. So, without further ado:


A man has been banned from a Buc-ee’s store in Tennessee for bringing in Wrinkle, his service duck.

Justin Wood brought his service pet known as Wrinkle the Duck into the store, where they shopped around and received plenty of positive attention from shoppers who wanted to pet Wrinkle and ask about her. 

Wrinkle remained inside a stroller for most of the visit, occasionally coming out to high five interested onlookers with her beak.

Mr. Wood may have had the other customers quacking up over Wrinkle’s behavior, but the store manager was not amused.

Once he left the store, he was approached by a police officer who told him, “They’re requesting you to be banned from the store,” adding that it was, in fact, every Buc-ee’s location and that he would be charged with trespassing if he was caught in another one duck or no.

At least he paid his bill. Let’s be honest about one thing, though: Wrinkle the Duck may be a veritable paragon of waterfowl, a sort of Lord of the Wings if you like, but he is in no way a “service animal.” This was a transparent publicity stunt, and while we can’t blame Mr. Wood for using his fowl friend to try to feather his nest, there are rules about bringing animals into places that sell groceries. 

Meanwhile, in the gaming world:


It seems the developer of The Duck Game is embroiled in an intellectual property debate with Warner Brothers, which is threatening to delist that product and remove it from storefronts.

The developer of cult classic local co-op party shooter Duck Game has taken to their blog to note that they own the Duck Game intellectual property and fully intend to keep developing the game up to and until some kind of apocalyptically bad scenario goes down regarding it. Yes, that includes the very real threat that Warner Bros, owner of publisher Adult Swim Games, delists the game and removes it from storefronts.

I suspect there are frequently deliquack relationships between independent game developers and the big corporations that handle promotion and distribution, but the ins and outs of the online gaming world are something I’m not really familiar with. I think we can all agree that, as Americans, we like to root for the little guy, even if he is getting by on a wing and a prayer.

Finally, across the pond:


In the United Kingdom, a town in Berkshire is having trouble dealing with goose droppings, a problem that also besets many American towns.

Residents complained that more geese from Maiden Erlegh Nature Reserve, in Berkshire, were wandering further from the lake.

They raised concerns that their droppings could pose a health risk to children playing outside.

Earley Town Council said cleaning the streets was the responsibility of Wokingham Borough Council, which has been approached for comment.

The town council said it could do little to control the geese because they were wild animals, and suggested residents put up temporary fences along their lawns while they seek expert advice.

Given the fact that some American cities have to distribute poop maps, not because of geese but because of people, one might think that the folks of Berkshire would be inclined to honk their own horns over a problem that, by comparison, just isn’t that bad. But geese are big birds, they can be aggressive, especially during the nesting seasons. Furthermore, they do very well around human habitations. This isn’t a problem that can be taken too lightly.

One can only hope that the council considers the well-being of the birds. After all, a little kindness goose a long way.

This seems appropriate.

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