Don Jr. Weighs in on Who He Would Like to See As Trump’s VP – Is He Dropping a Hint?

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For the past couple of weeks, former President Trump has not been front and center of media coverage, and he may look to keep it that way by not announcing his vice presidential pick until the Republican National Convention. All the media attention is going to Biden’s flagging mental acuity following his abysmal debate performance. 

Although we may not learn who Trump’s VP will be for certain until the convention, his son, Donald Trump Jr., made clear who he wants to see as Trump’s running mate in a recent episode of his podcast “Triggered.” 

If we’re talking the VP stakes, what are you guys thinking right now? You know, everyone knows, I’ve sort of been for J.D. Vance.

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He then weighed in on some of the other contenders; when speaking about former Housing and Urban Development secretary Dr. Ben Carson, Don Jr. said:

He was “too nice to deal with the sociopaths that we’d be dealing with.”

On Gov. Doug Burgum (R-ND), Don Jr. said:

Smart guy. North Dakota. He understands that. He built a really good business in tech. I think, you know, that’s someone that could actually make some money for America, for a change, rather than us just giving all our money away.

Jr. had this to say about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL):

I have a good relationship with Marco, but there is some truth about, like, you know, having someone that’s a little bit more establishment in there.

And so, there is something about having someone from outside of the establishment to sort of further protect you from that establishment.

Former President Trump is going to hold a rally in Miami on Tuesday, with Marco Rubio in attendance as well as his family. That will definitely spark conversation about the VP stakes. 

Jr. added:

I have no inside information, obviously. If I did, I probably wouldn’t tell you anyway.

It doesn’t sound as much like Jr. was dropping a hint as to who will be Trump’s VP, but rather who he personally thinks would be the best person for the job. 

As I wrote previously, of the current options being named, I personally believe Vance would be the ideal VP for the reasons I listed in the previous piece. 

It’s unclear whether Trump will pick a senator or steer clear of doing that; however, each of the candidates named has their pros and cons. At the end of the day, what matters is that voters get out the vote in droves and make their voices heard in November. 

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