Does Your Organization Have the Energy to Transform?

In a business environment that requires companies to adapt on an almost continuous basis, burnout is a real risk for many companies. This article describes the four key steps companies embarking on transformation initiatives should take if they are to make sure they don’t fall victim to burnout on the way: 1) understand the organization’s change capacity; 2) measure and manage disruption meticulously; 3) recognize and reward success; and 4) expand change capacity.

In conversations with senior leaders, a common theme emerges: Their teams are feeling exhausted. Companies are contending with relentless pressures on multiple fronts, such as shifting consumer preferences, technological advancements, environmental concerns, economic policies, and geopolitical shifts. Navigating this upheaval necessitates change, which inevitably disrupts established routines. Many organizations struggle to cope, eventually succumbing to fatigue and, in severe cases, burnout.

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