Danish car subscription tech firm Dribe in search for UK partners

Car subscription tech firm Dribe claims it is getting a surge in interest from British dealerships in its digital end-to-end platform and subscription model.

Owned by Denmark’s Semler Group and launched seven years ago, Dribe wants to expand in the UK and provide car retailers a highly automated way to incorporate short-term car subscriptions into their services.

On its website, it claims partners who take on its Dribe franchise can use it to activate inventory, allow long-term test rides of EVs, and improve outcome of pre-reg stock rather than discounted sale.

Last year a number of AM100 dealer groups began partnering another subscription business, Karzoom, including Sandicliffe, Eden Motor Group, Perrys and Hendy Group. 

Dribe claims it can reduce manual work through automated processes for billing and car inspections.

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