Border Patrol Slams Joe Biden for Being Senile, As Things Are Getting Downright Scary

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If you had the Border Patrol Union thrashing Joe Biden for being senile on your bingo card, collect your winnings at the window. 

On Saturday, the CBP agent-ran group put out a social media post noting Biden’s “up and down” nature in which he goes from mimicking a Jack Russell terrier on amphetamines to someone who has overdosed on sleeping pills. More concerning is that there’s very little room in between those two extremes for the president. He’s either screaming through a speech or slurring to the finish line. Americans had a front-row seat to both during Biden’s latest State of the Union address.

Ironically, despite Democrats laughably claiming the State of the Union was a turning point in the discussion over the president’s mental state, as the Border Patrol Union points out, the very next day Biden had perhaps his most senile performance to date. 

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That wasn’t a one-off either. The entire week following the State of the Union, Biden appeared to decline significantly, and it wasn’t just about what he said. His physical appearance has become just as hot of a topic, and things are getting downright scary. 

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I challenge anyone to watch that clip of a clearly confused Biden having to be guided through a door by handlers and say it’s normal. Never mind that he also smacked his face into it. Something is seriously wrong with the president, and it’s not just right-wing commentators that are noticing. 

That the Border Patrol Union is willing to speak freely about what is going on is very telling. The wall of decorum is gone, and that’s a good thing. The current President of the United States is suffering from a severe level of physical and mental decline. Helping prop up the status quo doesn’t help the country. That Biden’s insane immigration policies are also directly impacting Border Patrol agents in such a negative way is also an obvious motivation for them to speak out. 

Do I think Biden is going to suddenly die on the campaign trail? I don’t, but things don’t have to get that far for what we are seeing to be terrifying. A man who gets confused using a door and doesn’t know what office he’s running for is also in charge of making life-changing decisions that impact every American. That he can still (somewhat) walk isn’t impressive or comforting. The Border Patrol Union speaking out is necessary, and they shouldn’t be the only ones. Is there no other entity in our government willing to speak the truth? 

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