Biden Gets Confused by a Door, and the Concerning Nature of His Cheat Sheet

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Joe Biden’s confusion seems to keep getting worse and worse, and his people are working overtime trying to cover for him. 

The examples over the past few days about how much they have to do to cover him are stark. 

We saw them stop him from answering questions when he wanted to while he was in Michigan. Because the “leader of the free world” is apparently controlled by unelected staff (or whoever is behind them).  

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We saw some of his confusion in Michigan on Thursday already but there was a longer clip that has come out since then that shows how bad it was. He got confused, and two people were trying to help him. He didn’t seem to know what way he was supposed to go and then almost walked into a door. He looks so old and out of it here. 

You can see in this zoomed-in version how bad it is, how they’re guiding him to the door, but then it almost hits him in the head. 

What do you do when Biden is so confused? Not only do they have to guide him around, but they have to choreograph his every move including with his “cheat sheets.”  He needed the notes for even reading the simplest of remarks with the Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. 

Check out how detailed they are. 

The cheat sheets not only had his remarks to make, but they also had things like Varadkar’s name, his official Irish title (phonetically spelled so Biden would know how to pronounce it correctly), and they even had a picture of him so Biden could identify who he was. 

The sheets also had similar descriptions and pictures of other participants in the meeting, including the Irish ambassador to the U.S. and how to pronounce their names. 

That’s wild that he needs such a detailed description of the Irish leader, given he’s met with Varadkar multiple times in the past, including last year around St. Patrick’s Day. He needs pictures to be able to identify who he is? What does that say about Biden at this point?  And he needs that even to make a lame comment about what his grandfather used to say? The level of scripting is intense and concerning. 

This is the Democratic nominee, and they wonder why they are tanking in the polls. 

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