Bella Hadid Launches Fragrance Line


Bella Hadid is the latest celebrity beauty brand founder.

The model will launch a line of three fragrances called Orebella on May 2 directly to consumers. It will then be available on Ulta’s e-commerce site from May 10, and subsequently in all Ulta stores from May 12.

The name is a reference to Hadid’s Arabic family name, which translates to “iron ore”, combined with “aura”. The scents, Salted Muse, Window2Soul and Blooming Fire have a bi-phase formula, with a blend of five oils layered over the fragrance that must be shaken to combine before application.

Aside from Hadid’s signature, the bi-phase formula is a core value proposition. As the scents are alcohol-free and enriched with oils such as camellia and almond oil, the brand says they are less drying and last longer than traditional perfumes. They also contain essential oils selected for their aromatherapy benefits.

The fragrances are priced at $35 for 10 ml travel size, and $72 or $100 for 50 ml and 100 ml sizes respectively. The scents will be merchandised as part of Ulta’s “Conscious Beauty” edit, having met standards such as being vegan and cruelty-free.

The scents have been co-developed with the fragrance houses Firmenich and Robertet. Orebella is a joint venture between Hadid and consumer brand-building firm Celebrands, which also produces Kin Europhics, the beverage company Hadid is a co-founder of, and the singer Halsey’s beauty line.

Hadid’s choice to launch the brand as its own business and to innovate on formula is a marked departure from the celebrity fragrance playbook, which usually involves a licensing agreement between the celebrity and a manufacturer such as Coty or Elizabeth Arden.

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