Architectural Digest Editors Share 44 of Their Favorite AAPI-Owned Businesses

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and to celebrate we’re sharing some of our favorite AAPI-owned brands, designers, and craft makers that should be on your radar. From sweet-smelling candles and charming home decor to delicious foods and luxe skin care, we’ve got pretty much every stretch of the imagination covered with this mix of offerings. And in addition to supporting these diverse businesses with a purchase, we also recommend donating to the Support the AAPI Community Fund, Heart of Dinner, and other AAPI charitable organizations of your choosing.

“Bokksu is a curated subscription snack box that features delicacies created by small makers across Japan. Each month, the theme of the box changes, so you might get savory snacks, sweet snacks, or both. Most recently, I had the pleasure of sampling the brand’s limited-edition Sakura box in honor of cherry blossom season, and a close second to actually tasting all of the delectable treats is the educational pamphlet the accompanies the box and traces the origin of each snack and its ingredients. This box would make a perfect gift for anyone who delights in trying and tasting new things—a few of which have textures and flavors I’m sad it took me several decades to experience for the first time (shredded ume potato sticks, where have you been all my life?!) And, if you fall in love with any particular snack, which I can more or less guarantee you will, the Bokksu market has a selection of goods you can purchase directly.” — Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

Boy Smells Ash Room Spray

“If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I love a good scent product. Founded by Matthew Herman and David Kien, I particularly love Boy Smells’ emphasis on “genderful” products. Both the candles and room sprays spread the smell throughout my room well, and I don’t find them too strong or too mild. My personal favorite is probably the Ash Room Spray, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any.” — Katherine McLaughlin, associate digital features editor

Boy Smells LES Scented Candle

“Candles as gifts aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but I’ve never met anyone who’s disappointed by one from Boy Smells (myself included!). While Cedar Stack, Prunus, and Cowboy Kush are all standouts in my opinion, lately I’ve been gravitating towards LES, a soft and fruity scent that’s one of my favorite perfumes as well.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Brightland The Luminous Capsule

“This trio of goodies from Brightland makes for an amazing hostess or housewarming gift. Brightland is known for its exceptional high-quality olive oil, and this gift showcases the olive oil alongside a vibrant champagne vinegar and sweet, fragrant honey. It’s next-level goodness in packaging that’s so artistic you’ll want to leave it out on your counter.” Kristi Kellogg, contributor

Chop Suey Club ‘In The Mood For Love’ 35mm Theater Reel Film Strip

“LES-based boutique Chop Suey Club is one of my favorite places to shop and discover AAPI-owned businesses like Fly By Jing and EMME candles. If you’re really looking to impress someone with a gift, I’d spring for one of DIDU’s jade necklaces or this In The Mood for Love film strip that’s been on my personal wishlist for some time now.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Baby Dolly Claw In Candy Red

“If I was only allowed to use Chunks clips for the rest of my life I’d be a happy camper. Founded by Parsons grad Tiffany Ju, famous fans of the brand’s adorable plastic creations include Haley Lu Richardson and Becky G. What I love is that Chunks’ inventory comes in all shapes and sizes—my extra-large Dolly claw is a daily go-to whenever I want to pull my hair back, but don’t sleep on the brand’s equally eye-catching barrettes.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Eny Lee Parker Leven Marble Tray

“Eny Lee Parker is a genius and I hope to have a home filled with many of her designs someday, but until then this marble tray from her Lulu & Georgia collab will have to do!” Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

“One of Dagne Dover’s taglines is “bags that get it,” and in my humble, professional opinion, there’s truly no better way to sum up the products. I own multiple Dagne bags, but my first—the Landon Duffle in medium—has a special place in my heart. I love the near-endless pockets and compartments and the thoughtful additions (like a strap to hold your keys) that make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle.” — Katherine McLaughlin, associate digital features editor

Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face SPF

“My mom always tells me to wear SPF, and Everyday Humans makes my go-to sunscreens as of late. Their Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum doesn’t leave a white overcast, clog my pores (in fact, it’s infused with skin-enhancing hyaluronic acid), or have a strong smell, so I really love applying it in the mornings under my makeup and lightly layering it on throughout the day.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

“Dubbed by founder Olivia Cheng as ‘the happiest brand on earth,’ Dauphinette celebrates self-expression and sustainability. Predominantly known for playful reinterpretations of vintage finds and resined produce accessories, the designs exude unbridled imagination. My favorite item from Dauphinette is the mini pepper earrings. As a spice enthusiast who’s accumulated a wardrobe full of chile-pepper-adorned garments and accessories, these are one of my favorites because they’re real chile peppers preserved in eco-friendly resin. I love how ornate and dainty they are while simultaneously making a statement! ” — Livia Caligor, content operations associate

“Elorea is new to the bath and body scene–they were founded in 2022 by a Korean American pair–but they’re already packing a very fragrant punch. Their formulas utilize ingredients native to Korea and pay homage to the deep tradition of scent in the country.” — Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp

“There are products you see all over Instagram that you probably should avoid. And there are a rare few where the hype is 1000% deserved. Fly By Jing’s Sichuan Chili Crisp is one of those rare few. There are weeks when I haven’t had a meal that this savory, tingly sauce wasn’t drizzled on. It’s just as delicious on fried eggs as it is on meat-filled dumplings, pizza, or even a simple steamed veg. Taste aside, I love everything the brand, founded by Chengdu-native Jing Gao, does. From their packaging and graphic design, to their sourcing of handpicked ingredients, and even the way they respond to their many trolls online. This is one Internet-famous product you shouldn’t sleep on.” — Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

“Trust me, your body will thank you for regularly exfoliating with this towel from Gunma, Japan.” — Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

Hero Micropoint for Blemishes

“Founded by Ju Rhyu, Hero Cosmetics is a New York–based acne solution brand that offers more than 30 gentle, effective, and innovative skin care products targeting blemishes, dark spots, and rosacea. My favorite product from Hero is this micropoint variation of the Mighty Patch, an overnight acne spot treatment that infuses early zits and hidden pimples with hydrocolloid acne. In fact, I’m almost excited when I get a zit because applying the spiky patch is honestly quite satisfying.” — Livia Caligor, content operations associate

Hey Dewy Portable Facial Hydrating Cool Mist Humidifier

“Hey Dewy’s mini humidifier is the perfect nightstand companion if your bedroom is feeling overly dry or you’re looking for extra hydration at night. Its compact size makes it great for traveling plus it comes in fun shades like mint green and light blue.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

In Common With Arundel Up Light

“I’ve always been attracted by the clean lines and handmade feel of In Common With’s light fixtures, which are all assembled by their team in Brooklyn. Their work feels industrial and sculptural at the same time. And I love how many of their pieces are topped with clay shades—an unexpected touch.” — Hannah Martin, design editor

In Common With Up Down Sconce

“I think one of my favorite homewares to shop for (and lust after) is lighting. I love how much a beautiful lamp or good bulb can transform a space. Enter In Common With, a Brooklyn-based design studio helmed by Felicia Hung and Nick Ozemba that makes so many exceptional lights. I’m particularly smitten with the elegant Up Down sconce, which has 125 different finish combinations and is available in a hardwired, plug-in, or slim ADA-compliant style—very lust-worthy” — Zoë Sessums, digital design editor

Sophia Cashmere Quarter Zip Pullover

“Italic’s extensive collection of high-quality essentials includes everything from durable kitchen items to stylish loungewear, all at the lowest prices possible (the brand sources its stock directly from manufacturers to cut costs to the consumers). This past winter, I practically lived in the brand’s super-soft cashmere quarter zip, which was the perfect piece to comfortably lounge around in or throw on to look more put-together during Zoom meetings.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

JF Chen Large Chinese Scholar’s Rock

“I’ve always been fascinated by Chinese scholars’ rocks: the pitted, perforated stones that have been used as sources of inspiration and contemplation in the studies of scholars for more than two millennia. There are always a few of these treasures to admire at JF Chen, Los Angeles’s venerable emporium of centuries-spanning antiques and contemporary creations. Under the direction of Joel and Margaret Chen, as well as their daughter Bianca, JF Chen has solidified a reputation as the go-to destination for design cognoscenti, a place that traces aesthetic lineage between East and West and all points in between. It is a place that honors the Chens’ ancestral roots in China as well as their global purview as arbiters of taste and discernment in design.” — Mayer Rus, West Coast editor

Lady M Confections Green Tea Mille Crêpes Cake

“This green tea cake with matcha-infused pastry cream nestled between thin crepe layers was easily the star of the show when I brought it to Christmas dinner last year (both my brother and dad even claimed it was possibly the best cake they’ve ever had). But if green tea’s not your taste, don’t worry—there’s tons of other delectable flavor options like strawberry, passion fruit, earl gray, and more.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Surf and Turf Sleeveless Shirt

“I’m a firm believer in treating oneself, and sometimes, as a pet parent, treating yourself means treating your dog to something new. Little Beast has to be the very best dog clothier right now—and that’s saying a lot given how wide the market is (you don’t have to trust me, just check the SSENSE pets section). I am especially obsessed with their new summer collection of tank tops, though the onesies are a must for wintertime.” — Rachel Davies, contributor

“Mango People founder Sravya Adusumilli was inspired to create her sustainable beauty brand after struggling to find makeup that had flattering shades for her skin tone and used clean ingredients. Perfect for sliding on your lips, cheeks, or even eyelids, this multistick comes in fair to dark skin tone-flattering shades and includes ingredients like mango butter and orange peel oil that will nourish your skin.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

“I’ve written about my love for Material in the past, and it hasn’t waned since my first time testing the brand’s mini Reboard and paring knife during the first months of the pandemic. Everything Asian American founders Eunice Byun and David Nguyen set out to build is done with care. For example, the Reboard and newly launched Rebowl are made with recycled plastic sourced from kitchen waste, and their popular nonstick pans are made from copper (no nasty coating here) and also nontoxic. And did I mention that everything is as beautifully designed as it is sustainably sourced?” — Rachel Fletcher, senior commerce editor

MìLà Pork Soup Dumplings (50 Pc)

“Soup dumplings are one of my staple comfort meals, and MìLà’s frozen packs are an amazing way to enjoy them whenever you want. With a cosign from Simu Liu, MìLà’s mouth-watering offerings also include savory noodles as well as unique ice cream flavors like rose lychee and jasmine green tea ice cream to bring some zest to your quick-and-easy meal rotation.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Morrow Soft Goods Linen Duvet

“Morrow Soft Goods caught my eye when we were covering the supply-chain crisis at AD PRO. As many companies sought to move production closer to home, I appreciated that Morrow stuck by its Indian artisans. The brand’s creative director commented at the time, “We wanted to support [our factories]—we didn’t want to switch.” Coupled with the fact that Morrow produces textiles in dreamy shades like sage and apricot, the decision to support this AAPI-owned brand is an easy one. Right now, I’m eyeing this mauve duvet cover for spring.” — Lila Allen, AD PRO editor

“Nette has an amazing lineup of hand-poured coconut and soy wax candles, but I’m particularly in love with the warm smell of its Suede Fringe scent, which features notes of cardamom, cumin seed, suede, and sandalwood.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Nonfiction Forget Me Not Hand & Lip Care Duo

“I discovered this Seoul-based brand during the last Ssense sale and am not ashamed to admit that they had me at the packaging, but now that I’ve been using the products for a few months, I can recommend them with full confidence.” — Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

“I’ve been obsessed with Olga Goose Candle from the moment I set eyes on the very rare Pink Cats candle back in 2017. Risa Makabe is a creative genius, and I hope that more homes are filled with her wonderfully weird candle characters because they literally spark joy (even though I don’t actually light mine).” — Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

OSULLOC Tangerine Tea, Premium Organic Blend

“I love all of OSULLOC’s teas but this sweet Korean tangerine tea is my absolute favorite. What’s lovely is it’s great both hot or cold, so when I want something soothing in winter and refreshing in summer it’s enjoyable both ways.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

“At this point, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t get targeted Instagram ads for this pan. I finally caved and asked for it for Christmas, and I have to say that it absolutely does live up to the hype. It is aesthetically pleasing enough to leave out on the stovetop in my small NYC kitchen, and it comes with a lid and spatula that are easy to keep track of. The ceramic coating put my fears about toxic nonstick pans to rest, and cleaning this thing has been pretty easy. The sage color was sold out when I got mine, but it is back in stock now, lucky reader. (I went for the spice one, which is equally beautiful despite being my second choice.)” — Rachel Wallace, digital entertainment editor

Poketo Bamboo Dinner Plate Set in Chips

“These patterned plates from Poketo are a great way to add color to otherwise monotone place settings. An eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam, they’re made of ​​organic bamboo fiber and cornstarch, which means they’ll break down naturally after you’re ready to discard them.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Sandy Liang Delphine Floral Sherpa Jacket

“I consider Sandy to be the godmother of fleeces. Perfect for bundling up in the winter or as a light layer during a brisk spring day, you definitely won’t regret adding one of Sandy Liang’s cozy-as-can-be fleece jackets—like this green silhouette with endearing floral accents—to your wardrobe.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Sandy Liang Bowery Baby Blue Jacket

“Sandy Liang is a Lower East Side–based designer known for her dainty balletcore meets spooky coquette aesthetic. Inspired by her upbringing in Chinatown in the ’90s, her aesthetic emulates the energy of cool Chinatown grandmas. For the longest time, I’ve been OBSESSED with the shearling biker jacket from her Fall 2016 collection. As someone who’s always trying to wear more color, I love that the patent black leather is lined with fluffy shearling that comes in pink or baby blue. When I finally got it, I loved it even more than I’d imagined. Though it’s definitely a statement piece, its warmth and quality make it a perfect everyday winter staple. I love that the shearling brings a pop of color into the picture while it is definitely muted enough to mix and match with a wide variety of outfits. Shoutout to my coworker Sydney Gore for finding my dream coat (in my preferred colorway, in my size) for the most unbelievable price!” — Livia Caligor, content operations associate

Salter House x Leaves & Flowers Loose Leaf Tea in ‘Salter Black’

“I’m a big tea drinker, and this loose-leaf tea from Salter House is always in my morning rotation. Made exclusively in collaboration with Leaves & Flowers, the Salter Black is a strong blend of Assam, South Indian Lyerpadi and Keemun Leaves.” — Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

Salter House Pewter Mini Oval Tray

“Like many others during the pandemic, I became more keen to the slow-living movement—the mindset of taking your time and putting more appreciation toward everyday activities. Family-owned shop Salter House, with its hand-enameled tableware and incredibly cozy knitted bath linens, has become a go-to source for thoughtful everyday utility items. For lucky Brooklynites like me, it’s simply the sustainable shop around the corner.” — Mel Studach, AD PRO editor

“Is there any more dependable mood booster than gorgeous glassware? Used day after day—at dinner parties or for regular ol’ hydration—these Sprezz cups can add a dose of fun to dull moments and amp up the atmosphere at the already exciting. As an added bonus, 2% of order values are donated to provide meal plans for first-generation women of color college students via The Orchid Foundation. ” — Rachel Davies, contributor

Hoya Tricolor Hanging Basket

“If you’re any sort of modern green thumb, you’re likely familiar with The Sill’s extensive offering of lovely botanicals. Perfect for birthdays, holidays (including Mother’s Day!), housewarmings, and everything in between—there’s no better destination to shop for a thoughtful gift.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Tortuga Forma The Rocket Set

“If it’s possible to make a wall-mounted shelf sexy, Tortuga Forma has pulled it off. The genius of founder Andrea Hill’s pyramidal shelving system lies in its easy-as-pie construction and its customization options—buyers have their choice of single-, double-, or triple-supported variations, an array of hardware and wood finishes, plus different shelf shapes and lengths. Once installed and styled, this cool, constructivist design is enough to make even the most ho-hum doodads look debonair.” —Lila Allen, AD PRO senior editor

Sohn Right Hand in Cotton Canvas

“Ever since I saw one of these Sohn cotton canvas pillows at Beverly’s, I’ve secretly been wanting one for my own apartment. Don’t be surprised when you start seeing more of these pop up on Instagram: They’re now stocked at Home Union, so it’s only a matter of time before John Sohn blows up!” — Sydney Gore, senior digital design editor

Spicy Moon Vegan Pickled Chili Paste

“New York–based Spicy Moon makes Sichuan, a notoriously spicy cuisine originating in South West China, palatable to a broader audience (not to mention it makes it accessible to vegans and vegetarians). I love their vegan pickled chili paste, which is unctuous, zesty, and slightly vinegary—bringing a kick of Sichuan to my salad dressings, salmon, or even a slices of toast. And fun fact: Spicy Moon is owned and founded by Ke Huay Quan’s mom!” — Livia Caligor, content operations associate

Sundae School Broccoli Fleece Zip Up

“Sundae School is a craft cannabis and Korean streetwear brand from California with a mission to contextualize and destigmatize weed. They are committed to diversity and equity as they make it a priority to partner with people and brands that reflect their ideals as well as donate 1% of their sales to nonprofits, which makes their cozy fleece products and cold-weather accessories that much cooler. Their fleece jackets are perfect for fool’s spring when you finally want to put that puffer jacket away you’ve been wearing all winter, but it’s still chilly in the morning and after the sun goes down.” — Kelsey Borovinsky, contributor

Tatcha The Water Cream Oil-Free Pore Minimizing Moisturizer

“Dabbing on some of Tatcha’s Water Cream moisturizer is such a luxurious way to start and end my day. In warmer weather when my face leans more oily, I like using an oil-free moisturizer like this one to reduce shine and buildup. I’ve also heard this formula is malassezia-safe, meaning it’s a great option if you’re prone to fungal acne breakouts.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Tower 28 SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray

“Tower 28’s lip jelly and mascara are both beloved staples in my makeup routine but the SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray is such a game-changer if your skin gets dry and easily irritated like mine. I use the spray as a toner before applying serum and find my face feel less irritated throughout the day thanks to its hero ingredient, hypchlorous acid, which is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and reduces redness.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Venus et Fleur Aphrodite Porcelain Vase

“Venus et Fleur’s long-lasting florals let you smell the roses year-round without the hassle of cutting stems or changing water. Lasting up to a year (or in my experience, longer!), each batch of flowers goes through a specially formulated solution and color pigmentation process that helps them preserve their beauty. I really like this simple arrangement of twelve roses and an eye-catching porcelain vase to dress up your coffee table.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Verloop Flower Stripe Throw

“To me, the very best pieces are those that call attention to themselves even when not in use. Even if my dog doesn’t use her bed, I’m glad it’s adding something to the ambience. Whether I really need that tablecloth during the week when I’m eating out (or eating on the couch), it makes me happy just to walk past. This is the category that Verloop’s blankets fall into for me—even in the summertime, I’m happy to have their imaginative patterns filling up my space.” — Rachel Davies, contributor

Welcome to Chinatown Jing Fong x Made in Chinatown Crewneck

“Created by the community-driven force Welcome to Chinatown, Made in Chinatown’s merch is a window into New York City’s Chinatown, where you can buy art, clothing, and snacks from actual Chinatown small businesses that are shipped right to your door. Their sold-out Wo Hop sweatshirt with gold embroidery is one of my favorites to reach for, though this similar Jing Fong design is also a lovely way to support a local business.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

Wildwonder Sparkling Probiotic Juice Drink

“Wildwonder’s better-for-you sodas are perfect for any beach trips or park days this summer. Filled with gut-healthy ingredients to boost your metabolism, the brand leans into creative flavors like guava rose and raspberry lychee that are fruity, refreshing, and not too sweet.” — Audrey Lee, commerce editor

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