A Vibrant New Poolscape Dazzles at Famed Italian Hotel Le Sirenuse

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Bisazza artisan Marcello Fabrizi putting some final touches on the mosaic.

Photo: Roberto Salomone.

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The pool terrace.

Photo: Roberto Salomone

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Views of the Amalfi Coast beyond.

Photo: Roberto Salomone

Lucky guests at Le Sirenuse invariably talk of the view. Perched on Italy’s fabled Amalfi Coast, the hotel enjoys sweeping vistas of cliffside Positano and the Tyrrhenian Sea, its azure depths dotted by boats. And it was precisely this panorama that inspired artist Nicolas Party when, tapped to reimagine the property’s pool, he spent a blissful week on-site soaking up the dolce vita atmosphere. To channel the landscape while taking care not to compete with it, the Swiss-born star composed a vibrant tableau of overlapping abstract forms reminiscent of earth, water, and sky, albeit with no discernible horizon line. “Are they mountains? Are they clouds? Or are they like waves or smoke?” says Party, musing on the finished result, which was translated from his pastel sketch and meticulous digital template into a mosaic of Bisazza glass tiles—his first foray into the medium. For Le Sirenuse, the project marks the latest in an ongoing series of contemporary commissions, curated by art adviser Silka Rittson-Thomas in collaboration with owners Antonio and Carla Sersale. “It was a very family-based, collegial approach,” Party says of the process, which culminated with an official grand unveiling celebration in late April. Guests were predictably transfixed by the underwater marvel, at the center of which Party placed a golden mosaic disc that evokes the sun. “When you jump into the pool,” he notes, “you’re jumping into the sky.” sirenuse.it

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