60 Minutes Gets Caught Red-Handed After Interview With 'Misinformation Expert'

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Leave it to 60 Minutes to bring on the leader of a “misinformation research group” and then fail to disclose all the pertinent details of her background. The left-wing news program was caught red-handed when it was revealed that Kate Starbird isn’t actually an unbiased arbiter of truth and fiction. 

The background of this story involves the following interview, in which Starbird and 60 Minutes’ Lesley Stahl complain that X (formerly Twitter) wasn’t at their beck and call to censor content they deem to be “misinformation.” 

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What is with left-wing operatives and taking their style cues from Rachel Maddow? All that’s missing is a streak of purple in her hair. Regardless, on the merits, what Starbird says is derived from either dishonesty or stupidity. 

To clarify, Community Notes on X is not run by the social media company itself. As the name suggests, users of the platform suggest notes and only notes with enough consensus are placed on posts to add context or offer a correction. There is no system whereby self-proclaimed “misinformation researchers” get to “flag” posts and then have their commentary added on demand by the powers that be. 

So is Starbird lying about the Community Notes system or is she just ignorant of how it works? Either way, the fact that she’s complaining on 60 Minutes about it as an “expert” does nothing for her credibility. Sure enough, it has now been revealed that Starbird is actually a Joe Biden donor who has received grants from his administration and worked with the DHS on censoring so-called “misinformation.”

Shock of shocks, 60 Minutes “forgot” to mention that in their report.

CBS’ “60 Minutes” failed to disclose that a prominent “misinformation” researcher it featured on its Sunday program received funding and collaborated with President Joe Biden’s administration.

University of Washington professor and researcher Kate Starbird was featured on the program about “misinformation” proliferating on social media. Starbird spearheaded a project that Biden’s National Science Foundation (NSF) granted $2.25 million in 2021, and the researcher collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) by serving on an advisory committee under its Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), which CBS did not mention.

Far from an unbiased observer, Starbird is a hack who targets information she doesn’t like and labels it “misinformation.” Worse, she’s receiving taxpayer money to do so while serving on DHS boards. 60 Minutes didn’t want that to be known, though, and instead made it seem as if Rep. Jim Jordan, who has criticized her, was unfairly targeting a random citizen.

The mainstream press wants to live in a dictatorship so badly. They just want it to be a dictatorship run by people they approve of. There is no role for “misinformation researchers” to censor online speech by on the words of faux “experts” like Starbird. Just as absurd is a show like 60 Minutes pretending to be an authority despite its own history of spreading misinformation. 

This isn’t complicated. People should be allowed to say what they want, and self-appointed elites should not be curators. Starbird is nothing but a leech, suckling at the government teet to push a political agenda, and 60 Minutes remains a joke for not being honest about her background. 

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