12 Best Grills for Design Enthusiasts

Some people take grilling very seriously and need to invest in the absolute best grills. We’re not those people. This is not that roundup. Even a casual search for the best grills can bring up an overwhelming number of expensive, bulky options and an equally overwhelming number of questions: What type of temperature control are you looking for? Do you have a natural-gas setup? How many BTUs are you working with? Suddenly, getting your outdoor cooking situation set up has become pretty complicated.

So we’re here with a few recommendations based on a slightly different set of standards. Our criteria for helping you narrow down your grill selection is pretty simple: Does it look good, and does it get the job done? We factored in style, functionality, size, and price—only three options on the list top $500. Pair with some beautiful outdoor furniture, learn how to clean a grill properly so it will last as long as possible, and you’ll be living alfresco in no time.

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Gas Grills

Gas grills are a fast-heating variety that typically run on propane, though some can be converted to run on natural gas (not recommended for an apartment or a rental). That means you’ll have to keep an eye on your propane levels and be prepared to stock up before any party. Gas grills are convenient and allow for slightly more control over temperature and cooking style than a charcoal grill, but they’ll lack that smoky BBQ flavor.

4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

The full stainless-steel finish makes this high-rated, heavy-duty Nexgrill a sleek contender. With an electric igniter, warming rack, ample cooking space, and built-in thermometer for even temperature control, it’s got solid beginner cred, as well as a compartment for hiding away a propane tank to maintain its streamlined design.

Kenmore 3 – Burner Compact Liquid Propane Gas Grill

With a retro vibe and compact size that makes it the ideal accessory for summer pool parties, this Kenmore grill looks nice and works super well. Like many of the gas grills on this list, it’s got convenient foldable side tables for meal prep and two porcelain-coated cast iron grates that offer 512 square inches of cooking space.

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force Grill

The Everdure is the most expensive grill on our list, but it’s backed up with cooking chops. The hood shape promotes even, convection-like cooking, and each of the two burners is independently controlled. It boasts a five-minute preheat time and two types of cooking plates—one cast-iron and one standard grill—for varying styles. It’s also available in several shades to customize for your patio.

Blackstone 36 Inch Gas Griddle Cooking Station 4 Burner Flat Top Gas Grill

If you want to skip out on the grill hood and opt for something that won’t take up as much room, a flat-top grill might be what you’re looking for. With foldable side shelves, tool hooks, a paper towel holder, and electronic ignition, it’s approachable and makes things easier without proving to be an eyesore.

Charcoal Grills

If you’ve got a bit more patience and love the smoky flavor that comes with a charcoal grill, you’ll likely be rewarded with a lower price tag. Charcoal grills also tend to be smaller in size and are slightly more practical in terms of upkeep (no replacement tanks, no gas hookups). All you’ll need is a bag of briquettes and a few cooking accessories to get you on the road to grillmaster glory.

Weber Original Kettle 18-Inch Charcoal Grill

It’s called an original for a reason. Perhaps one of the most recognizable grills on the market, this classic model from Weber—a brand also known for their liquid propane Weber Genesis E-325 and Weber Spirit II—is functional in design at its affordable best. You can’t cook a whole hog on it (though it is available in a larger size and more colors), but it fits all of our design, space, and price criteria.

Ñuke Delta Argentinian Style Grill

While you can use both charcoal or wood pellets with the Ñuke Delta, we’d urge you to consider wood in particular. That’s because this is a gaucho-style grill. Inspired by Argentinian gauchos who’d make their food on the prairies, the Ñuke Delta functions by adjusting the removable grill grate closer to or further away from the embers of the wood fire sitting in a log holder to the right of the grate. While the Ñuke favors an old-school functionality, that doesn’t mean that’s at the cost of a contemporary and polished look. Made with a sleek painted steel, the Ñuke also has little accents of wood here and there that ensure this won’t be an eyesore in your backyard.

Char-Griller® Outlaw Charcoal Grill and Smoker with Cast Iron Grates

Just looking at this will leave you craving some good brisket and barbecue. Luckily this model prioritizes form just as much as function. There’s an extra large cooking area that can fit lots of food, a warming rack, and a storage shelf. All of it is encased in a barrel-style cooker that’s accented with quaint touches of wood so you won’t always be throwing the cover back over it when you’re done.

Weber® Performer Deluxe Slate Blue Outdoor Charcoal Grill

An upgrade on the Weber classic, the Performer Deluxe has several features that might be worth the extra investment, including an ignition button for lighting your lump charcoal, a built-in holder for the lid, and an automated cleaning system to spare you the effort.

Tabletop and Portable Grills

Maybe you’re not looking to build a full outdoor kitchen, or you’re a fan of camping, tailgating, or the casual outdoor snack. That’s where these small-scale options come in handy.

Cuisinart Venture Portable Gas Grill

Weighing in at 22 pounds, this tiny gas grill has several smart design features: a wooden lid that also acts as a cutting board, a handle with a rubber grip, and a porcelain-coated cooking surface for a quick clean.

Bodum Fyrkat Mini Charcoal Outdoor Grill

Known for its minimalist, ergonomic French presses, Bodum also manufactures adorable portable grills with cheerful, bright red silicone handles and shiny chrome exteriors.

Name a cuter dining companion than this charcoal-powered tabletop barbecue. It’s designed to be portable, folding up like a standard-size briefcase while looking like something from a Wes Anderson movie.

Weber Lumin Compact Outdoor Electric Barbecue Grill

Another model from Weber, we like this portable, electric type of grill from the brand for the five different stylish colorways you can buy it in, but it’s a really quality machine as well—despite its smaller cooking area. It’s got high heat of 600 degrees Fahrenheit that allows you to sear, smoke, steam, or boil veggies, chicken, steak, and more—and then keep warm to serve buffet-style when you’re ready. Worried about cleanup? Never fear. There’s a front-access grease tray that makes it easy-peasy.

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