11 Best Couches on Amazon (2024) for Quick-Ship Enthusiasts

When it comes to faux leather sofas, most will look exactly that: fake. But not this one! The tufted backrest is a beautiful design touch. The next surprise is that you can sleep on it. There are three backrest positions: sitting, lounging, and sleeping. It’s also an unbelievable price at under $250 for most fabrications and it comes in 10 color variations. At that price, don’t expect it to last a lifetime, but it’ll be great in a pinch. Plus, it has more than 9,000 customer reviews to peruse.

Acanva Mid-Century Velvet Sofa Couch

Sometimes you walk into a room and go, “I think that couch is famous.” By that we mean it had some place in design history, from a well-known designer or an appearance in a celebrity home. Once in a while, you run into a couch that has that vibe without being rooted in either scenario. This is one of those couches.

Modway Echo Curved Back Performance Velvet Sofa in Navy

A curved couch design can do wonders in an oddly-shaped room and we love the midcentury vibes of this velvet number. The wraparound backrest on this piece gives it a retro-glam style that isn’t easily achieved in a budget-friendly design.

Leisland Couch with Square Armrest and Removable Low-Back Sofa Cushion

Sometimes you just want a basic couch to sink into. The beauty in this design is in the details: The sofa cover is easily detachable, making it easy to clean. The non-pilling fabric also means it’s pet-friendly.

POLY & BARK Essex Leather Couch

Available in a rich black or cognac leather, this is another classic midcentury-modern sofa design that would settle right into any living space. The cushions have a feather-down topper for extra comfort, while wooden legs provide the support you need to flop down for a nap.

Why Buy a Couch on Amazon?

It’s convenient

This pretty much goes for any products on Amazon, but the best Amazon couches are also incredibly convenient to buy. Many sofa brands have a devastatingly long lead time—it’s common to see some of the more notable brands offer an excruciating four-to-six-week delivery period. This might mean they’re upping the quality, but sometimes you just need that love seat or sleeper sectional right now, and that’s why we shop at Amazon. Most furniture can be delivered in two days.

Prices can be great

Another reason Amazon is great for buying furniture is because it’s cheap. If you want to test out a new couch but aren’t ready to commit to one that costs a few thousand dollars, there’s almost always a similar cloud couch or reclining futon on Amazon that will only cost you a few hundred dollars.

They have a huge selection

Maybe you need to know how bouclé feels in your home, you want a Scandi-inspired style, or are looking for a faux leather futon and a wabi-sabi option that looks perfectly broken in. Amazon has it. Who knows, once you pick out your new couch on Amazon, you might just want to keep it forever.

Amazon users love to review

You might not be huge on reading reviews, but if there’s anywhere to trust user-generated reviews, it’s Amazon. Prime members are notorious and prolific when it comes to reviewing products, so you’ll almost always have a plethora of paragraphs to read through. Sort the reviews to read the stellar five-star opinions or check out the one-star reviews to see what went wrong.

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